Making your first cryptocurrency investment can seem like a big step into the unknown. You need not be concerned! If you have ever signed up for an online bank or credit card account, it is just as quick and easy to do. With top privacy and security features enabled, they are just as safe and secure as well.

ExchangeLogoCountry# Of Cryptos AvailableStaking/DeFi Sign-up Bonus
VoyagerUSA56Up to 9.5% interest APY on your cryptocurrency$25
Crypto.comUSA50Up to 6.5% interest APY on your cryptocurrency$25
CoinbaseUSA200+Up to 7.5 % interest APY on your cryptocurrency$10
Binance.USUSA54Up to 10% interest APY on your cryptocurrency20% from fee of each friend’s trade
RobinhoodUSA7N/AFree stock worth up to $500
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