Crypto Markets See A Near Record Inflow Of Funds, Bitcoin Leads The Way With $225 Million Hitting Eight Weeks Of Positive Inflows

Crypto markets see a massive inflow of new money, Bitcoin leads the way with $225 million added during the second week of October.

Lessons Learned: Confessions Of A Crypto Hold Out

I suppose you could say I’ve always been somewhat of a traditionalist throughout my life, and if I’m being completely honest, I’m definitely guilty of being afraid of change. I look forward to the same tried and true holiday dishes each year, love my weekly poker game, and am always a bit hesitant to make changes to something I’ve come to enjoy and feel comfortable with. As I’ve gotten older, the realization that change is an inevitable companion along the journey of life has become more apparent by the day. 

Bitcoin Breaks Past $57,000 In Early Trading Monday With All Signs Pointing Towards A Continued Run Higher

Rumors of the SEC finally approving a long awaited Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) targeting BTC along with recent predictions from BitMEX CEO Alexander Hoeptner that at least five countries will adopt BTC as legal tender by the conclusion of 2022 have fueled recent bullish sentiment in the crypto community that looks poised to continue intoContinue reading “Bitcoin Breaks Past $57,000 In Early Trading Monday With All Signs Pointing Towards A Continued Run Higher”

The Rakuten Of Bitcoin: Pei Mobile App & Browser Plugin Gives Back Bitcoin For Everyday Purchases At Top Online And Retail Stores, Gives No-Strings $10 Just To Register

Pei features a bitcoin-back browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. They also have their mobile app for Android and iOS, which enables bitcoin-back for shopping in stores. They have a huge and ever-growing list of bitcoin-back partner merchants. Many of these merchants are likely ones you shop at frequently. What better way to take advantage of passive Bitcoin income?