Social Club – Not Just Another Community-Driven Crypto, But a Real Social Movement

Social Club - Not Just Another Community-Driven Crypto, But a Real Social Movement

Social club was founded with the sole missions of giving community the power to control a project and their investment there. Further, building a true sense of belonging to something meaningful that will change the face of crypto tokenomics forever.

By Marcus Henry
October 14th, 2022





What is Price Impact?


What the founders of of Social Club believe will change everything is functionality they built into their smart contract called Price Impact.


Price Impact is an expression used to describe the correlation between an incoming order and the change in the price of the asset involved caused by the trade. 


Buy trades push the price of a given asset higher by exhausting the cheapest sell orders in the order book, while the opposite happens for sell trades. 


The extent to which the price moves because of trades largely depends on the liquidity of the trading pair affected. Trading pairs with more liquidity will see a smaller price impact than those with lower trading volumes.

So what does Price Impact mean for Social Club? 


Consider a scenario where a certain number of interested investors of a token makes purchases and the price rises by 30%. Concurrently, other investors may wish to sell. In the Price Impact scenario, only a percentage that the community agrees upon, for example 5%, will have a sell price impact. 


As a result, fewer people sell and the price of the token goes down from 30% to just 25% ( -5%). Sells are then halted until the price rises again. This means the token holder’s value is protected from losses like what has been seen with rug pulls or money runs.


New community members won’t need to wait for a price dip either. Even if the price of the token goes down, they would still be able to leverage price impact.


After fully understanding price impact, an effective strategy can be built around it. For example, imagine a scenario where once every two weeks the price impact is set to 20% for 24 hours before it reverts back to the original price. The token could function as a lottery facilitator to set dates, encourage community participation, and create excitement that will keep the community actively in control through voting.


As Social Club value rises, the community will be able to make the token’s price impact increase since the selling power will limit impact on the price. This becomes a means for the token to gain scale, stability, and a united community of investors.


Social Club also aims to add their contact, anti-bot, max wallet, max tx, and a few other features to ensure the project is fair, transparent and remains a safe investment.


What else does Social Club offer?


SWAP — They have built in a swap with their token. This allows new investors that don’t fully understand the technology but still wish to engage with the Social Club contract and it’s price impact to do so.


Socialgram Club Platform — With their social platform, community members will be able to upload photos, engage with each other via chat, follow community members, and a lot more.


NFT — Social Club has a collection of 10,000k NFTs ready and will launch a few hours following their token launch,. Investors who purchase Social Club NFTs and hold max wallet tokens will gain VIP access to the community platform, and free sniper bot access.


Marketplace — This is where investors will be able to buy and sell items with crypto; a platform connected to web3.


As Social Club scales further over the coming months on these current ventures, the founders aim to focus their next phase around building P2E games, and a frontrunner bot to purchase within the crypto space. With proceeds gained, they intend to stake the token, mint NFTs and more. All the utilities Social Club’s founders want to bring have the same purpose; to buy and burn the token.


The founders have stated that:


“you have the power to make something truly meaningful.  If we all push together and build a strong community, no one will be able to stop us. You have the power;  each and every one of you, to make a change, to take something small that so many believe in and build it into something amazing. We can introduce a lot of tech into the project, but tech will always fall short to community. All the big projects had one thing in common, real community. Even Bitcoin would have remained unknown, but as word traveled about this new technology, a community of believers helped build the foundation of what it has become today. Community is the key to everything, and I hope we will be able to build a great community together! good luck to us!!!!! Cya all on the moon.” 


Check out the Social Club site:

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Published by Marcus Henry

Marcus Henry is an American Journalist with over 14 years in the tech industry. He has been actively involved in the crypto community for the past five years and is currently based in Austin, Texas. He covers breaking news, shares opinions, and leads AMAs with industry professionals and community members. Follow Marcus on Twitter - @MarcusHenryHODL