The Telegram Effect: How Successful Crypto Projects Grow With Communities

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The Telegram Effect: How Successful Crypto Projects Grow With Communities

The benefits of a Telegram crypto community are endless. You can have over 100,000 members in one group and share your blockchain project without spending a lot of resources on marketing.

By Adewale Opeyemi
May 24th, 2022

Due to its security, as a Telegram user, you don’t have the chance of losing your private data. However, one of the issues that many platform managers face is organically building their channels.


The blockchain industry is already saturated with so many sub-platforms that are promoting various blockchain projects. Therefore, gaining traction with your group and channel could be a hassle.


Crypto platforms are a powerful tool for building communities and can support up to 200,000 members each.

When you start a Telegram community, the aim is not to have thousands of members who don’t interact with your posts. There’s no point in having a large or even small society if there are no interactions. If you are promoting a blockchain project, you need people interested in everything about your digital currency. Therefore, this article will give you seven sure-fire tips to grow your telegram community.


7 Methods for Growing Your Telegram Crypto Community


Telegram is becoming saturated with new blockchain channels and projects daily. At this rate, it will take a lot of effort to gain relevance and get people to trust your offer. However, you don’t have to go through such work to build a good Telegram crypto community with the following tips.


1. Pay Attention to Feedback


There’s no successful business that thrives without paying attention to its clients. As a manager, it is your duty to ensure that your team members receive everything they need to understand your project. It’s not enough to simply ask for feedback. You also have to incorporate those responses for the growth and satisfaction of your members. However, there are different individuals in your group, which means you will get different requests, and some might be unreasonable.


How can you identify quality feedback?


• Keep an eye out for recurring complaints.

• Determine whether the requests are relevant to the core of your project.

• Determine whether the feedback came from a member who previously made a request.


2. Share High-Quality Content


The crux of every group is the kind of content that the admin shares. In a group, members expect you to share information that will help them gain more income from trading digital coins. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to share valuable content so that your members can develop trust in your brand. Here are tips to help you share quality content:


•Share daily news to update your members on what’s happening in the blockchain niche.

• Hire a crypto content creator to create short-form articles to share.

• Make use of content from other blockchain projects.


3. Don’t Spam the Community with Ads


It’s understandable that you are trying to promote different blockchain projects in your group, but it’s not a good enough reason to send ads repeatedly. People in online communities don’t enjoy going through hundreds of advertisements before seeing the valuable content. So, instead of spending your resources creating ads to share with your group, channel your finances and energy into creating helpful content.


4. Keep Conversations Running on Your Telegram Crypto Community


You should not leave your telegram crypto community idle at any point. If you have other responsibilities that prevent you from keeping your channel active, employ social media managers. What can they do for you? They keep the group active by having conversations and sharing vital information. It may seem expensive initially, but it’s a worthwhile investment in the long run.


5. Have Open-Ended Conversations


Managing a crypto community requires you to start conversations that people can interact with easily. Communication is essential in every community, so it will be helpful for you to share content that your members will find educational enough to have questions and share their opinions. Ensure that you encourage your members to communicate freely by accepting whatever views they share.


6. Encourage Community Members with Incentives


You can build your group by giving incentives to active members. Whenever users consistently share their opinions, they are unconsciously keeping the group active. As an intentional admin, you should go out of your way to appreciate them by gifting them various things, including free coins, money, or access to paid training materials. By giving praise to those in the group who are talking, you will encourage others to do the same.


7. Set Guidelines


Stating rules and regulations in place creates order and control on a platform.

Nobody gains value from spaces that have no regulations. If every member of your crypto channel doesn’t have a set of rules guiding them, chances are they will start to take advantage of the freedom. Therefore, ensure that you have rules guiding the group. You can use the following rules:


• No sharing of personal advertisements

• No sharing of non-crypto content


Ensure you share the group’s goals with the members so they know your expectations. Your values will guide the project to success and ensure that your followers know how to behave. It may feel like too many restrictions at the start. However, it eventually makes your group more manageable and easy for members to navigate.


What Is Telegram Marketing?


Telegram makes it possible to promote your blockchain project at a low cost. The platform is secure and makes it easy to have every fan of your brand in one community. Additionally, it allows marketers to provide customer support round the clock by leveraging bots. These bots offer auto-responses that you can customize to answer clients’ questions. So here are some tips:


Establish Specific Objectives


There’s no successful marketing strategy with a goal. You can achieve various goals, like increasing sales, providing customer support, and building trust. So, you should write down what you want to achieve with your Telegram marketing.


Create a Private Group for Loyal Clients


With Telegram marketing, it’s essential to make your most consistent followers feel special. Create a group to share new deals and be receptive to their opinions. It will help them easily talk about what you do because you will be placing them in an ambassadorship position.


Spread the Word About Your Telegram Crypto Community Group/Channel


After creating your group/channel, spread the news on other social media platforms. You can use paid ads and even share them on your website. Additionally, you can talk to the admins of other crypto communities to help you share your brand.

Telegram marketing is straightforward. It produces better results when you leverage its different features, including chatbots. You can boost your crypto project using the tips above.




A telegram community is a safe platform for every blockchain project and brand. It may be hard to boost your groups and channels organically if you leverage it to reach more clients. However, keeping the lines of communication active and encouraging members to chat through incentives are sure strategies to take your group higher. This article is a guide to boost your community in the blockchain industry and get you steady followers.


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