Postmates Founder, Bastian Lehmann, Creates Top-Secret Crypto Startup – Tiptop Labs

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Postmates Founder, Bastian Lehmann, Creates Top-Secret Crypto Startup - Tiptop Labs

Bastian Lehmann, one of the founders of food delivery service Postmates and a leading innovator in the business world, has sent waves through the crypto community with the news that a startup in the cryptocurrency sector will be his next venture.

By Andrew Senior
April 25th, 2022

While still under wraps with little details available, Lehmann did file to register a company in the city Anaheim California under the name Tiptop Labs this past February and his LinkedIn profile changed at some point to say that he is currently “building something new” titled a “stealth startup.”


The startup’s website, hidden by black bars, states that it will offer “financial solutions for consumers in a changing internet” and that it will “build a financial solution that bridges fiat with crypto.”


There have also been advertisements for multiple positions including developers with specific blockchain knowledge and a blockchain engineer to work on systems at “the intersection of fiat and crypto.”


Lehmann’s leap into the crypto world is representative of a larger and growing trend of innovators jumping into the crypto space. The news follows a continual exodus of talent from traditional tech roles to more crypto-focused positions. 


Binance just announced the hiring of several ex-Microsoft and Agoda members who will work on developing its Web3 offerings. That news follows the recent announcement from Polygon Studios that they hired ex-Electronic Arts executive Michael Blank along with Young Ko, the former VP at Penske Media.

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