EU Electronics Mega Retailer – MediaMarkt – To Install Bitcoin ATMs In All Austria Stores

person at bitcoin atm with media markt logo above

EU Electronics Mega Retailer - MediaMarkt - To Install Bitcoin ATMs In All Austria Stores

With over 800 stores in 13 different countries, MediaMarkt has been Europe’s undisputed number-one consumer electronics retailer for the past forty years. Synonymous with innovation and providing services in high demand by their customer base, MediaMarkt will start hosting multiple Bitcoin ATMs throughout their stores in Austria.

By Andrew Senior
April 21st, 2022

MediaMarkt reinvented electrical goods retailing when the doors opened to their first store. Up until that point, local retailers held the deciding power revolving around which devices to add to their sales floors. MediaMarkt, however, demonstrated that emancipated, well-informed customers can decide for themselves which TV, stereo system or kitchen appliance they want to own. 


Today, MediaMarkt has demonstrated continued understanding as to how their customers want to complete financial transactions while providing a convenient way for its customers to buy and sell digital currencies.


MediaMarkt customers will be able to purchase Bitcoin at Kurant vending machines located on sales floors in the Austria based stores in the coming weeks. 


Kurant, a spin-off of Coinfinity, is a market leader in managing BTC ATMs throughout Europe. Media-Markt has reportedly been actively testing BTC ATMs since 2019 when the group started a pilot program located at Wien-Mitte, one of its branches in Vienna.


Bitcoin ATMs provide an easily accessible way for people to buy and sell the crypto king. This move by Europe’s leading electronics retailer follows in the steps of fellow retail giant Walmart (NYSE:WMT), which in October 2021 installed 200 Bitcoin ATMs in stores across the US and should further aid in increasing awareness and use of the cryptocurrency and signify that these retail giants view BTC is a legitimate currency that has a bright future.

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