Has Red Decentra Reignited Ryoshi’s Vision?

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Has Red Decentra Reignited Ryoshi’s Vision?

As I woke up to twitter this morning, I, like many people, saw the flood of bird noises signaling the beginning of bird season. Just as Dog-Inu Season ended, there came a $SQUAWK, and a $CHIRP, even a $CAW sounding the alarm on the crypto leaves blooming green after winter…

By Houston Heffner
April 19th, 2022


Birds always come home for spring after all…


To put it simply, after a few blockchain sleuths went through etherescan they found that the Shiba Inu wallet had deployed three new contracts, for Squawk, Chirp, and Caw – Did this mean that Ryoshi had returned? Or did this go deeper..? I knew after Mr. Colossus called it was game over and time to ape.


What a run-up Bird Season has been thus far, with at the time of writing Caw sitting at 50 MIl, Squawk at 15 Mil, and Chirp at 4 Mil to say these birds have taken flight is an understatement.

I want to take us back though, to the very first medium article Ryoshi dropped on us, and then the sentiment echoed in Red Decentra’s newest medium post which I quote here:

But how will we do it?


With the help of everybody reading this.


  1. Tell everyone you know that Squawk exists, give your friends an opportunity to change their lives as well.
  2. If you come from an exchange, or any sort of listing service, reach out, help us grow to new communities.
  3. If you are a developer, help contribute, contact anybody who is volunteering and we will help on-board you. You do not need experience, you don’t have to be a wizard, you just need the mentality, and the wish for SQUAWK to succeed.


As for what we plan:


  1. We are going to be creating a metaverse, which will help onramp new people not that involved in memecoins into our ecosystem.
  2. Through the use of Chirp, a necessary part of our ecosystem, we will help pay to list both Squawk and Chirp on mainstream exchanges, increasing our exposure and making it easier for people join our army.
  3. And at the end of the road, we will fulfill Ryoshi’s dream of Shi.



This is our vision, and we must build towards it together.

This was the mission with Shiba Inu and whether its Ryoshi or Red Decentra stepping up and becoming the leader he deserves to be the principles and facts remain the same here. There are no team tokens, no budgets, no “stake” in the pie. Simply 30+ volunteers, coming together to truly create decentralized culture.

If that wasn’t enough to improve upon its predecessor, Squawk is part of a Metaverse Onboarding process – In which the entire goal is to bring even MORE people who know not of DEFI and the Blockchain into this beautiful and dangerous world.


This is no memecoin, there is a vision here. With it carries the hope and ambitiousness of a generation. Left to our own accord to figure it out for ourselves, with Covid, global conflict, and everything else trying to stop this generation I truly believe if warriors like this stay fighting then WAGMI


TBH, I COMPLETELY flipped when I saw the beta of the game being worked on, in which the governance token, the utility token and more were all being used in a fast, fun p2e environment.


Listen everyone I’m a good judge of character and branding, and this to me, is the real deal. Together with Red Decentra, the Massive team he’s building together and the fire under his ass to reignite Ryoshi’s Vision – I’d just like to welcome everyone to BIRD SEASON.

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Published by Houston Heffner

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