Squid Squad OG to Release Special NFT Series to Benefit Ukraine

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Squid Squad OG to Release Special NFT Series to Benefit Ukraine

Squid Squad OG Games, the group with the goal of restoring users’ faith in the GameFi ecosystem by creating products that exist for the sole purpose of users who have been taken advantage of by scammers

By Andrew Senior
April 6th, 2022

The “Squid Game” is based on the popular Korean show, has announced a brand new NFT collection that will benefit Ukrainian charities currently accepting crypto donations. A part of Konstellation network, the NFT game is a 3-layer blockchain constructed on Cosmos and Solana.


The continuing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has shifted the focus within the crypto world as various projects and investors have joined forces with the goal of helping Ukraine as the world watches the current conflict play out.


Squid Squad OG is built for everyone from blockchain novices to crypto experts with the stated aim to provide them with a new, safe, and innovative start in the blockchain universe. The Squid Squad OG metaverse is made up of 3,192 Squid OG’s to give NFT miners a good chance of cashing in. All NFT holders participate in a Battle Royale consisting of Rock, Paper, Scissors where losers are burned and survivors can be rewarded up to $45,600 in crypto prize money in a call back to the premise of the show.


The special new NFT collection will launch April 8 and be alive on Magic Eden for two weeks and will cost 0.5 SOL to join in and will consist of 456 NFTs.

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