RoundlyX: Bringing The World Of Dollar-Cost-Averaging To The Cryptoverse

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RoundlyX: Bringing The World Of Dollar-Cost-Averaging To The Cryptoverse

RoundlyX, started in 2017 by Andrew Elliott and Will Trible with the goal of providing infrastructure for retail investors interested in the then emerging investment class of digital assets, simplifies the entire process. Users sign up, connect their RoundlyX account to Plaid (a fintech company that specializes in securely connecting their customer’s financial accounts to various services and apps) then simply log into their RoundlyX exchange account to get started on their investment journey. The entire sign-up process takes about three minutes from the creation of a new RoundlyX account to registration.

By Andrew Senior
March 29th, 2022



Rounding up is the guiding principle of RoundlyX. Users simply go about their daily lives and whenever a purchase is made with a connected debit or cash card, the amount paid is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar with the roundup amount moved into a holding account until enough funds are collected to trigger a buy. Users have the ability to connect multiple exchanges and round up into the entire universe of digital assets and items. RoundlyX creates a completely encrypted connection with view-only and buy-only permissions, and gives users the ability to multiply their round-ups for more purchasing power.


Dollar-cost-averaging represents one of the easiest and most accessible techniques available to build wealth and boost returns without the mental burden of taking on excess risk, and can serve as the best friend of the buy-and-hold investor. Dollar-cost-averaging is even more beneficial for people who want to set up their investments and forget about them, which is where RoundlyX fits in perfectly as one of the most powerful and easy platforms for investors to take advantage of.


The investment strategy of dollar-cost-averaging in its simplest form is the practice of putting a fixed and steady amount of funds into an investment on a regular basis. Investors who have a 401(k) retirement account, are already utilizing this practice by simply adding to investments with each paycheck. One of the most attractive principles of dollar-cost-averaging is that fixed-amount buying intervals are spread out over time; avoiding the practice of “timing the market” while also averaging out purchase prices for holdings over the long haul. RoundlyX even takes this strategy a step further by streamlining the entire process, while evolving the principles behind dollar-cost-averaging to fit into their clients daily lives; all without the need for their users to even lift a finger.


RoundlyX partners with all the largest and best exchanges with buys executed by a users chosen funding source on a users chosen exchange. Funding sources and coins are all contained in the chosen exchange, secure and insured. Round-ups are calculated with read-only access to your checking or bank card via Plaid’s world class and highly secure API.


By taking advantage of the benefits of dollar-cost-averaging, RoundlyX clients can navigate a volatile market and make it work to their benefit. By adding spare change regularly to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, clients will make buys at times when the market is going through lows, therefore lowering the average purchase price and actually acquiring additional percentages of the underlying asset for less funds. When various markets move higher, regular contributions will have less purchasing power, but clients will already have coins from prior purchases at lower buying points.


Rounding up offers other benefits aside from leveraging into various holdings. Crypto markets are, by definition, high-risk and volatile. Investors can easily become fearful when their holdings plunge, and often to avoid more short-term losses, stop buying assets when valuations seem to continually drop. By setting up a regular buying plan with RoundlyX, investors can maintain their composure and calmly navigate the rising and falling crypto markets while avoiding the psychological bias and taking advantage of falling crypto prices while others run for the hills.


In an exclusive interview with, Andrew Elliott recently discussed RoundlyX’s newly formed partnership with Prizeout, a performance-based ad-tech company that connects customers withdrawing money with brands looking to capture their spend, and the potential it has for RoundlyX users,


“Prizeout is very exciting. We are seeing users rounding up into Prizeout brands now, Airbnb, Amazon, Uber Eats, and REI to name a few and we are looking forward to promoting that aspect of the platform. The ability to not only “make money” with RoundUps into crypto but also “save money” with Prizeout RoundUps into spending credits at a discount is definitely an exciting new benefit.”


RoundlyX Andrew Will
Will Trible (left) and Andrew Elliot (right), founders of RoundlyX

Elliott went on to discuss some of the exciting upcoming developments for RoundlyX in 2022,


“We are going to provide RoundUps into all kinds of crypto and fintech platforms this year and all over the world…gaming items (GameFi), sports betting, and more all to compliment our core crypto RoundUps. We are always adding new exchange partners to include additional offerings that will include Metaverse assets and items. Anytime we add a new platform, RoundUps are then enabled into the assets they offer for our clients.”


Elliott highlighted the guiding principles of RoundlyX explaining that,


“We are looking to push digital assets forward in a way that doesn’t hurt users, no one ever “lost it all” accumulating with spare change, but many have done extremely well in this volatile emerging market by dollar cost averaging with spare change using RoundlyX.”


Requiring mere minutes of time to set up and the minimal monthly sum of $1.00 to join, a RoundlyX investment plan can give investors peace of mind while providing an avenue to a growing and valuable asset class. Clients can set their accounts to autopilot, and let RoundlyX do all the work while building a crypto portfolio by using spare change from daily purchases, providing an excellent benefit for individual investors who want to spend as little time as possible dealing with a promising but volatile asset class.


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You can learn more about RoundlyX by checking out their site You can download RoundlyX on iOS today from the App Store. Follow them on Twitter @RoundlyX. To get the latest updates on RoundlyX, subscribe to their blog.


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