Former Top Execs From Leading U.S. Investment Firm To Open Institutional Crypto Business

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Former Top Execs From Leading U.S. Investment Firm To Open Institutional Crypto Business

Two former top Jefferies executives, Brandon Mulvihill and Anthony Mazzarese, who cut their teeth within the institutional world of Forex trading have decided to part ways with the New York based investment firm to step into the rapidly growing institutional digital asset space.

By Andrew Senior
March 22nd, 2022




Mulvihill was originally with FXCM, now a subsidiary company of Jefferies, holding the position of Managing Director and Global Head of FXCM Pro for 12 years. Like Mulvihill, Mazzarese also worked for FXCM, but had less experience with the company, most recently heading up the Institutional forex and CFDs divisions for a bit shy of two years. He was employed by FXCM for a previous five year stint with a five year stay at Citi in between as the head of its FX Margin Sales division in the Americas.


Most recently, Mulvihill held the position of Managing Director and Global Head of FX Prime Brokerage at Jefferies, while Mazzarese was the Global Head of Jefferies FXPB Distribution. Positions they both stepped down from earlier this month to join in a new business partnership together.


Mazzarese recently commented on his departure and new career path in a recent LinkedIn post saying,


“After 5 years of building a fantastic FX Prime Brokerage business with an all-star team and loyal customer base, Friday marked my last day at Jefferies. After 18 years of working in FX, I am excited to enter crypto as I fully believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will transform traditional financial markets.”


Mulvihill added,


“Since originally examining crypto NDF(s) in 2018, Anthony and I have been overwhelmingly inspired by the innovation and growth within the industry, as well as the challenges the industry faces due to such growth.”


Details remain scarce concerning their new crypto business, but the dynamic duo certainly aren’t lacking in experience. They have the stated aim to bridge the gap between traditional financial services and digital assets by marrying together a combination of industrial-grade technology, trade flow expertise, and attractive commercial terms.

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