Haus Changes The Mortgage Game With Intro Of HausCoin Real-Estate Crypto

Haus Changes The Mortgage Game With Intro Of HausCoin Real-Estate Crypto

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, $HAUS was developed as a security token adhering to the SEC guidelines, and provides investors with direct access to the digital token backed 1:1 by home equity with the ability to generate returns based on the appreciation of the underlying asset. Acting as an advanced blockchain based REIT with none of the drawbacks of the traditional asset class, HausCoin gives investors access to a stable and rapidly growing store of value with the ability to target specific markets outside of the MBS markets.

By Andrew Senior
March 2nd, 2022




$HAUS tokens are currently available for purchase exclusively at, by accredited investors who have completed the online know your customer process. Haus plans to work closely with regulators to greatly expand its reach into retail markets and to create completely new liquidity opportunities across multiple trading platforms and giving investors freedom from a largely outdated financial process.

Jonathan McNulty, Chief Executive Officer of Haus, commented on the HausCoin,


“For over a year, Haus has been partnering with customers to create an affordable and liquid way of owning a home. $HAUS is the natural extension of that ecosystem, giving investors access to an asset class they want, but more importantly, completing the financing infrastructure that passes the lowest possible cost to consumers.”


$HAUS records all transactions on the blockchain, compiling a complete ledger of all home equity and assets which is accessible to all investors. All equity agreements are publicly recorded and accompanied by a memorandum of agreement, providing investors with the knowledge that $HAUS is always backed 1:1 by home equity.


By developing and launching the infrastructure to provide direct access into home equity, $HAUS is breaking down the barriers around an old world financial process and laying the groundwork for a revolutionary and accessible liquid financial marketplace backed by the worlds’ largest asset class.


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