GameFi Pioneer, EverdreamSoft, Sets Firm Foundation In The Sandbox With Announcement Of Premium LAND Sale

GameFi Pioneer, EverdreamSoft, Sets Firm Foundation In The Sandbox With Announcement Of Premium LAND Sale

EverdreamSoft (EDS), a Swiss-based company founded in 2010 as a game studio and morphed into one of the pioneering forces in the integration of blockchain tools within the domain of gaming and digital collectibles since 2014, is selling exclusive Premium LAND around the EverdreamSoft Estate in The Sandbox, a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETs and gaming experiences on the blockchain.

By Andrew Senior
February 3rd, 2022



While exploring the landscape and owning a piece of it in the form of LAND, plots of The Sandbox territory which are represented by an ERC-721 token. Once players own their own LAND, they can add tradable 3D ASSETs which can include characters, animals, buildings and various other items. Users can then monetize their LAND by charging visitors fees or by hosting private virtual events.



With their mobile game Spells of Genesis, launched in 2017, EverdreamSoft set a trend of “true ownership” of digital assets and became the first ever developer of a blockchain-based game and is also a founding member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA).



Along with their genre defining involvement in blockchain game development, EverdreamSoft is also the force behind Crystal Suite, an integrated set of tools that allow users the ability to explore, create, share and manage “Orbs”, rare digital items that include art, game items, collectibles, and more that are linked to blockchain tokens.



The sale will take place on February 10 with a 6×6 plot of land up for grabs which can house a number of different buildings and creations. Members of The Sandbox community will have a chance to buy a digital piece of real estate that would provide them with access to exclusive NFTs created by EverdreamSoft and its Sandbox neighbors, owning both the NFTs and the LAND, with the freedom to use or transfer them as they desire.

EverdreamSoft will be offering up the iconic and exclusive BearWhale, which was inspired by the infamous Bitcoin trader who caused the 2014 market crash. Various other NFTs with similar themes will become available on The Sandbox marketplace which include Sir of Ether and Satoshi, Creator of Blockchain.



In addition to the 6×6 plot, EverdreamSoft will also be offering up high-traffic, premium LANDs surrounded by social hubs and top-rated partners BlackpooleToroApes of Space, and Mad Mecha, pumping up the Estate’s valuation.



Founder and CEO of EverdreamSoft, Shaban Shaame commented on the upcoming sale saying,



“The Sandbox is at the forefront of the Metaverse and shapes the future of decentralized creativity. The EverdreamSoft’s land will allow Spells of Genesis’ iconic world to expand into an exciting 3D metaverse. The collaboration with Sandbox will push the world of Spells of Genesis to a fascinating new dimension.”



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