Altcoins Hit Hard In Recent Crypto Sell-Off As Bitcoin And Ethereum Post Large Losses

Altcoins Hit Hard In Recent Crypto Sell-Off As Bitcoin And Ethereum Post Large Losses

As the current crypto bloodbath continues, Altcoins are feeling the brunt of selling pressure, suffering double-digit losses in recent trading sessions. Altcoins enjoyed a recent price surge in the past weeks but have quickly experienced a correction giving up most of their gains. However, altcoins weren’t the only tokens to experience large declines. Bitcoin is down over 10% falling below $40k and Ethereum is down nearly 15% trading in the $2,700 range. 


By Andrew Senior
January 21st, 2022



According to analysts, Loopring is at a make-or-break point after the price dropped to the confluence of horizontal and daily moving average for 200-days for the first time since late October 2021. 



Several prominent crypto traders have predicted an extended drop in NEAR price with expectations that the price could drop to $14. 




While the pain looks most likely to continue for altcoins, Bitcoin dominance has a chance to increase after the crypto king hit the bottom of the black wedging structure after slowing down in momentum for weeks. If Bitcoin dominance fails to rise, altcoins could be in for an incredibly difficult 2022. 

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