Making The World A Better Place: Africa Blockchain University Unlocks Limitless Potential Of Africa’s Youth

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Making The World A Better Place: Africa Blockchain University Unlocks Limitless Potential Of Africa's Youth

Africa Blockchain University (ABU) is a non-profit institution headquartered in Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius, dedicated to promoting and expanding the use of blockchain technology throughout the continent of Africa via policy advocacy, research, training, and project incubation.

By Andrew Senior
January 13th, 2021



Africa Blockchain University
‘s stated mission is to unlock and inspire entrepreneurship abilities in African youth by equipping them with the knowledge and tools to navigate the new world of finance while providing access to the unlimited opportunities that blockchain technology allows.



ABU works hand-in-hand with various academic, business, and state-run institutions to reach those goals by hosting blockchain training events in partnership with different blockchain based projects to spread awareness of the technology and its ability to transform the day-to-day lives of Africans. The organization also undertakes various research activities to uncover how blockchain technology can solve issues that have been a constant drain on the African financial system and sponsors a business incubation program that offers a path for African crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs to scale and become world-class industry leaders. 

By hosting various digital and in-person training events, including workshops, seminars, summer schools, camps, and much more, ABU hopes to provide multiple channels to empower those seeking knowledge. 

ABU is reintroducing its massively successful Core Blockchain 101 Excellence Course in the first quarter of 2022, which has enjoyed a sustained track record of success while at the same time breaking down the walls surround blockchain technology and turning it into a tool to utilize for the good of all.

The core focus of ABU us to engage a wide range of stakeholders from civil society, business, academia, and state institutions to ensure that the game changing potential of blockchain technologies spreads throughout the entire continent with the motivation of unlocking unlimited opportunities for the African people

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