Castlevania Commemorates 35th Anniversary With Exclusive NFT Auction

Castlevania Commemorates 35th Anniversary With Exclusive NFT Auction

Konami’s Castlevania is the latest video game franchise to mint and auction off a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a part of the 35th Anniversary celebration for the iconic platform game. Hosted by OpenSea, the Konami Memorial NFT Auction is scheduled to begin next week and run from January starting at 12th 10pm GMT to January 15th ending at 2am GMT.

By Andrew Senior
January 6th, 2021



The collection of Castlevania NFTs marks Konami’s first foray into the NFT marketplace and is made up of not only still images depicting scenes from the classic game but also includes a series of clips from Castlevania game scenes, BGM, and newly drawn art from the Castlevania series. The auction will include a total of 14 unique NFTs celebrating the world of Castlevania. 

Several signs point towards Konami making plans to sell additional NFTs in the future. Under a FAQ, Konami explains the meaning behind the auctions name,



“This is an initiative to create art NFTs using beloved in-game scenes from Konami titles, and for our fans to preserve them for many years to come.” 



Additionally, Konami reminds those bidding on the NFTs that a purchase does not actually mean they own “any intellectual property rights” of the images depicted and that there will be no cancellations or refunds once transactions are confirmed. Another line of note from Konami’s FAQ reads,



“…NFT with the exact same data will not be resold, but similar NFTs tied to the same game-title may be resold in the future.”



Konami joins a growing trend of game studios stepping into the NFT space. In September last year the game Phantom Galaxies was announced which allows NFTs in game. Ubisoft recently launched its own line of NFTs dubbed Ubisoft Quartz back in December, though it seemed to be poorly received as only 15 of the 2256 NFTs appeared to have sold. There has also been backlash from gamers and those involved in the industry culminating with Valve saying they will not allow NFTs or games with them on Steam and Wired Productions also refraining from including NFTs in its games.



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