Bring On The Bividends! BTCS To Become The First-Ever Nasdaq-Listed Company To Offer A Dividend Payable In Bitcoin

Bring On The Bividends! BTCS To Become The First-Ever Nasdaq-Listed Company To Offer A Dividend Payable In Bitcoin

BTCS, a leader in the blockchain and digital currency field, represents the first U.S. publicly traded company fully focused on blockchain infrastructure and technology. BTCS, also known as The Company, secures Proof-of-Stake blockchains by actively processing and validating transactions and is rewarded with native digital tokens. They are also actively developing a Staking-as-a-Service platform which will grant users the ability to stake the various supported cryptocurrencies through a non-custodial platform. BTCS plans to integrate its staking program with its Data Analytics Dashboard, which is now in beta release. Currently supporting six exchanges and over 800 digital assets with its Data Analytics Program, The Company plans to further broaden its suite of performance-tracking tools, add additional centralized and decentralized exchanges, introduce digital wallets, and allow stake pool monitoring. On top of all that, BTCS just announced the first-ever dividend payable in Bitcoin by a Nasdaq-listed company, referred to as a Bividend. 

By Andrew Senior
January 5th, 2021

Charles Allen, Chief Executive Officer of BTCS, recently commented on his company’s push to reward shareholders with Bitcoin,

“We want to reward our long-time shareholders for their continued support and encourage financial freedom by providing the means to enable direct ownership of Bitcoin and other digital assets. In the crypto space BTCS has a long history of firsts, including being the first pure-play U.S. public company focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchains, the first U.S. public company to mine Bitcoin, the first U.S. public company to implement a digital asset treasury strategy, and the first U.S. public company to secure next-generation proof-of-stake blockchains.”

Allen continued, 

“Now, we are the first Nasdaq-listed company to pay a Bividend, a dividend payable in Bitcoin at the option of our shareholders. This is a moment we have long anticipated since the Company purchased the domain,, in February 2015. BTCS is now in the financial position required to execute on the Company’s vision. With BTCS’ year-end 2021 stock price of $3.14 per share representing a 12.6% discount to the Company’s digital asset holdings and cash position of $3.56 per share, or $37.8 million, this is an ideal time to reward our shareholders with a non-taxable return-of-capital Bividend.

BTCS plans to pay $0.05 per share in Bitcoin, based on the Bitcoin to shareholders who opt in for Bividends. Investors will also have the choice to take regular dividends paid out in cash. 

According to Allen, the Bividend will not only act as a reward to shareholders but will also act as an example of the disruptive nature of blockchain technology,

“As we build an ownership base of long-term, fundamental shareholders, the payment of this special Bividend is an important step in showcasing the disruptive nature of blockchain technology.”


BTCS is working with Equity Stock Transfer, LLC, a New York City based SEC registered transfer agent, to coordinate the logistics and processing of the Bividend. Shareholders will have to opt in by March 16, 2022 to receive their Bividend. Additional information is available on

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