HashCash Reveals Vision, Shows How Blockchain In Pharmacology Can End Drug Fraud​

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HashCash Reveals Vision, Shows How Blockchain In Pharmacology Can End Drug Fraud

HashCash Consultants, a leading blockchain  and cryptocurrency development company headquartered in the USA, has proposed and conceptualized a blockchain-powered pharmacology system to fight drug fraud. From unlawful kickbacks and large scale manipulation of clinical trials to outright fraudulence behavior targeting the FDA, failures to comply with good manufacturing practices, compounded drug fraud, and illegal drug switching, the pharmaceutical industry is regularly found to be engaged and targeted by fraud and illegal activities in a variety of ways. 

By Andrew Senior
December 29th, 2021


HashCash Consultants work with local and global enterprises to implement technology solutions that are disruptive and futuristic with the aim to modernize the operational architecture of both client and partner enterprises. They have a robust partnership network comprising of more than sixty global banks and financial institutions and have an impressive track record of global success collaborating across sectors with some of the biggest names within the industry and are now using their expertise to envision a new global pharmacology system based in blockchain technology where drugs are represented as cryptographic tokens with unique individualized time-stamps operating within a global tracking system that is tamper-resistant and verifiable with a Proof of Drug Authenticity. 


Raj Chowdhury, CEO of HashCash Consultants recently commented that,

“HashCash upholds its founding principle of offering innovative and transformative solutions to industries and businesses so that together we can contribute and build a better and digitally advanced tomorrow. Our team dedicates its efforts to fulfill the blockchain and crypto requirements of the partners and clients, enabling them to reform their existing infrastructure through seamless integration. We keep innovating and upgrading our services, offering cutting-edge solutions to big and small businesses alike.”


HashCash has already been on the forefront of applying blockchain technology in groundbreaking ways across a large swath of different industries including banking and financial services, gaming, supply chain, healthcare, real estate, retail, insurance, mining, and investment management. HashCash provides complete Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange software solutions, handle blockchain system integration, consultation, smart contract, DApps development, and more.

When discussing the impact HashCash could have on the pharmaceutical industry, Chowdhury remarked that,


“The experimental model aptly solves the worldwide problem of drug fraudulence. This also indicates that blockchain applications across industries can eliminate most security and fraudulence issues. Blockchain applications should be incorporated in the healthcare and pharma industries since their operations contribute to population health and mortality.” 


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