Into The Petaverse: Tezos-Based DOGAMÍ Secures $6M In Fresh Funding

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The first to market play-to-earn NFT game running on Tezos (XTZ) DOGAMÍ, announced via a recent press release that they have secured $6M in a funding round with investments from leading names Animoca Brands, Ubisoft, and The Sandbox (SAND). 

By Andrew Senior
December 21st, 2021

DOGAMÍ welcomes gamers to the Petaverse where users can adopt other 300 different breeds, each with unique traits, and raise their ups while interacting with their digital companions via augmented reality. DOGAMI combines investing and pet ownership 3.0 with AAA NFT gaming in a unique way that fuses the virtual and real world together. Powered by Tezos, an incredibly energy-efficient blockchain, DOGAMÍ is building the foundations of a virtual world for pet lovers where users can earn $DOGA tokens.

$DOGA tokens can be used to buy various items, for tickets to attend virtual events, to expand users digital wardrobes, breed dogs, and to collect badges and will trade on the secondary market via CEXs and DEXs.

The successful funding round was also supported by XAnge, Ghaf Capital, Blockchain Founder Fund, and Draper Goren Holm. Ubisoft VP of Strategic Innovation Lab Nicolas Pouard said:

“At Ubisoft, we believe that blockchain holds a key to the future of the video game industry, bringing new possibilities for players and developers alike. We think DOGAMÍ shares this vision and contributes to the opening of blockchain gaming to mainstream players.”

DOGAMÍ is now the most anticipated and popular play-to-earn game project in the Tezos ecosystem and is making waves in the gaming community.DOGAMÍ CEO and cofounder Maximilian Stoeckl added:

“At DOGAMÍ, we aspire to develop a play-to-earn game that pushes the envelope in terms of design, user experience and mass appeal. We believe strongly in the opportunities and the empowerment that web3 has to offer. The early support of world-class investors as well as advanced negotiations with strong commercial partners are highly reassuring and encourage us in our beliefs.”

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