Crypto Mining Firm Bitdeer Technologies Agrees To Merger With Blank-Check Firm Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp With Four Billion Dollar Valuation

Bitdeer Technologies, an end-to-end solution for miners of various digital currencies, announced Thursday that it has agreed to a future merger with blank-check firm Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp to become a publicly traded company on the United States stock market. 

By Andrew Senior
November 18th, 2021

Bitdeer Technologies provides complete end-to-end solutions for miners of various digital currencies. Users can simply select the service and plans that interest them and Bitdeer handles all the rest from purchasing a mining rig and getting it delivered to a mining farm and getting it connected to mining pools and providing all needed maintenance while ensuring its operation. Miners simply sit back and get paid out directly from the mining pool.

The planned merger is expected to be completed by the close of the first quarter in 2022 and will value Bitdeer at about four billion dollars. Jihan Wu, who assumed ownership of Bitdeer Technologies in December of last year, will remain chairman and retain control of future operations post merger. 

Digital currency mining has gained more exposure and popularity in recent times, drawing interest from individuals and corporations. While some recent SPAC mergers have fizzled out, this could be one to keep an eye on. Companies like Bitdeer Technologies that offer complete solutions for individuals and businesses in the growing field of crypto mining are rare and getting in pre-merger offers an excellent entry for a long term hold.

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