The SAND Token Hits Fresh Highs As Demand For The Metaverse Grows

The Sandbox and its native token SAND have been seeing a steady inflow of new funds which resulted in the SAND token hitting an all-time high of $3.61 on November 17th. Since breaking out, the SAND token has given into selling pressure and has retreated back below the $3.30 support level. While further selling pressure is possible in the short term, the growing excitement surrounding the metaverse and virtual properties has driven the price of virtual land higher. 

By Andrew Senior
November 17th, 2021

The Sandbox has seen an increased demand for its NFTs leading to a 257% increase in trading volume in the past week alone. The value of land within the virtual gaming universe has also reached new all time highs as more property is purchased by eager users. 

The Sandbox is a singularly different experience than any other gaming experience currently available where users have the freedom to create unlimited content, monetize it, and build an entire interconnected economy attached to it. User-generated content can range from characters, buildings, and items to complex games which can be deployed on a user’s private parcel of land  for other gamers to enjoy. 

The Sandbox is still under development and is not fully available at the time of this article’s publication but at the end of November The Sandbox team will launch their very first play-to-earn event with 18 different game experiences all allowing users to earn SAND and NFTs for their participation. With various partnerships already announced, including The Walking Dead and Snoop Dogg, The Sandbox should be on everyone’s radar. 

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