Twitter Launches A New Crypto Division Headed By Tess Rinearson

Twitter Crypto, a new division with Tess Rinearson as the engineering lead, is being launched to focus on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and other decentralized technologies. The team will also focus on perfecting the Bitcoin tipping platform which was launched earlier this September and to improve the proof of identity service via non fungible tokens. 

By Andrew Senior
November 11th, 2021

Rinearson joins Twitter after working with, Cosmos, and the Interchain Foundation. She and her team will be tasked with building a new community on Twitter focused on all things crypto. Rinearson walks us through the expectations for her new division and is clearly excited and enthusiastic to be a part of Twitter; 

In contrast to the enthusiasm felt within the crypto community, Twitter’s stock (TWTR) has been taking a beating in recent trading sessions losing almost 25% of its value. This could either be seen as a buying opportunity for those that view Twitter’s recent moves as favorable or a sign that traditional investors don’t see much merit in Twitter putting both feet into the cryptosphere. 

The move into crypto has at least one fan, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey who has long been a vocal and strong advocate of cryptocurrencies and the ability that blockchain technology has to impact and evolve the future of humanity. While the stock price might tread water for several sessions before finding its footing, the crypto community is clearly a fan of the move. 

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