Tech Giant Microsoft Unveils Plans For Their Own Metaverse

During Microsoft’s recent Ignite conference, the tech behemoth revealed its plans to unleash their own version of the Metaverse, blending the digital and physical world through blockchain technology and virtual/augmented reality. 

By Andrew Senior
November 3rd, 2021

Microsoft announced that by the midpoint of next year, users of its Team collaboration software will have the ability to appear as avatars in virtual meetings and visit virtual workspaces. The lead of Microsoft’s Teams division, Jared Spataro recently commented that,

“With 250m people around the world using Teams, the introduction of avatars will be the first real metaverse element to seem real.”

Microsoft’s initial foray into the virtual realm is a bit less grandiose when compared to Facebook’s, now known as Meta, however, Microsoft plans to use their recently unveiled technology dubbed Mesh to bring access to their Metaverse to a wide range of devices from computers, to headsets, to their Xbox gaming network. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently commented that, 

“The Metaverse enables us to embed computing into the real world and to embed the real world into computing. Bringing real presence to any digital space. What’s most important is that we are able to bring our humanity with us, and choose how we want to experience this world.” 

Microsoft is aiming to release their newly unveiled Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces in a beta version by the close of 2021. Through these new offerings and technology, Microsoft will allow businesses and organizations to integrate themselves with the Metaverse via hybrid work environments utilizing optical feeds from cameras to create fully virtual workspaces. 

Several Metaverse projects have already shown the viability of melding blockchain and crypto technologies with the virtual world to drastically change the way we work and interact. IoTeX, a decentralized blockchain network aims to allow humans and machines to virtually interact and The Sandbox allows players to build, own, and monetize their virtual gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain.

Microsoft’s entry into the Metaverse will have a massive impact on the crypto community while spreading awareness and quickening the adoption of blockchain technologies. 

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