Apricot Finance Automates DeFi Profit Mastery And Reduces Loss Risks, Goes Main-Net On The Solana Network With Potent New Lend/Farm/Auto-Deleverage Strategy 

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Industry and finance have evolved rapidly over the past decade and have changed the way the world works. The global acceptance and demand for decentralized finance has grown by multiples as different protocols and systems have displayed their ability to level the financial playing field and open up a world of new and exciting possibilities. Through a prolific acceleration of existing technologies, massive expansion of the digitization of financial processes, and the transfer of services from physical to digital, the realm of decentralized finance should see broad growth in the near and distant future. 

By Marcus Henry
October 14th 2021

Like any new frontier, the pioneers of decentralized finance have blazed a new trail through the world of traditional finance, sometimes leaving bodies in their wake. There have been some enormously successful endeavors, others that never even left the ground, and others yet that have fallen somewhere in-between. Re-writing what has long been viewed as the norm is difficult and challenging work. Luckily, there are companies like Apricot Finance leading the way in this new generation of accessible and much needed financial services.  

Apricot Finance is a decentralized money market platform constructed on the new and revolutionary Solana network. Apricot provides over-collateralized loan protocols along with offering a wide swath of other customized DeFi solutions to its clients with future goals for continued expansion of services. Through their three flagship services, Apricot Lend, Apricot X-Farm, and Apricot Assist users can gain access to a full suite of DeFi solutions to help meet any challenge and open up a world of potential earnings. 

Via Apricot Lend program, users can easily gain access to lightning-fast hassle-free lending. Serving as one of the main arms of Apricot Finance, their cutting-edge Lend program is cross-margin, allowing users to deposit any type of crypto asset to earn interest or borrow funds while using deposited assets as collateral, giving users the ultimate freedom and financial maneuverability.

Apricot X-Farm, the chief and pre-eminent cross-margin leveraged yield farming platform gives users easy access to growing their capital in a revolutionary way. Carrying the enormous benefit of allowing users the ability to start leverage yield farming without the added requirement of users having to own any of the involved tokens. Giving users even more freedom, Apricot is essentially allowing its patrons to make deposits of various crypto assets and then use their holdings as collateral to farm and access three times yields. An ability which aims to both grow Apricot’s own user base, increase deposits, and reward users. 

Apricot Assist is an automated self-deleveraging tool that provides a safety net to downside protections when using X-Farm. Users can lean on the Apricot Assist tool to set up specific configuration for their account to help keep risk levels where they are comfortable. Additional, the Assist tool will allow users to put in benchmarks for when to sell or redeem collateral assets, and make recommendations on which assets and what percentage of the holding should be sold/redeemed. Completely programmable and intuitive, Apricot Assist has the ability to go into action in case of unforeseen events or large price movements, helping users to avoid the pain and hassle of liquidation.

Along with offering these new and advanced DeFi services, Apricot Finance also has the benefit of their protocol being built on the Solana Blockchain platform, one of the most exciting and rapidly growing environs in the crypto world and Ethereum’s main rival. Through a bearish end of summer for most cryptocurrencies, Solana flexed its digital muscles while bucking the larger negative trend and reaching new highs. While similar to other dApp’s like Ethereum and Cardano, Solana differs in that it promises to offer low cost transaction fees, fast operations, and be highly scalable and completely decentralized. 

Another departure from Ethereum that Solana displays is that it is a proof-of-stake blockchain (PoS) which aids in creating a much more user friendly environment versus the proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains such as Ethereum. The PoS protocol takes a minimal amount of energy to run the network in comparison to PoW protocols. On the Solana network, validator nodes stake the native tokens called Solana or SOL, a process that consumes much less energy than traditional PoW miners. The Solana Blockchain also carries the added benefit of being programmable meaning the protocol has the capacity to store small bits of code, aka smart contracts, which can be utilized to initiate a wide spectrum of actions when the contracts conditions are fulfilled. A function-wide array of usability in multiple different scenarios. 

Speed is yet another benefit of being built on the Solana network. With the ability to process in excess of 50,000 transactions per day, Solana is currently one of the very fastest programmable networks in existence today. The functionality, multiple use-cases, low fees, and speed have combined to make the Solana network one of the most promising blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies available today. 

Apricot Finance is leading the way in the evolution and adoption of the next generation of DeFi for the masses. The Solana-based revolutionary lending protocol allows the very first-in-market cross-margin leveraged yield farming and intends to offer sustainable and smart solutions for the current practices of bad debt processing.

You can learn more about Apricot Finance by going to their website. 

Their white paper can be found here

Check out the Apricot Finance community on Twitter @ApricotFinance, Telegram, Discord, and Medium.

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