Crypto Markets See A Near Record Inflow Of Funds, Bitcoin Leads The Way With $225 Million Hitting Eight Weeks Of Positive Inflows

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Bitcoin continues to lead the pack in relation to the amount of new capital flowing into the market. Coinshares weekly report, released on October 11th, shows that the inflow of funds to Bitcoin actually doubled from the first week of October from $90 million to an impressive inflow of $225 million in the second week. That marks eight straight weeks of positive inflows for BTC with bullish sentiment continually growing.

By Andrew Senior
October 12th, 2021

The steady inflow of funds entering into the crypto markets over the start of October has shown that the crypto community viewed China’s ban on cryptocurrencies, which went into effect during the final week of September, as little more than a small bump in the road. In a continued show of strength, Coinshares data also show that over the past two months aggregated new inflows of funds almost set new all time highs adding while $638 million to crypto markets during that period.

Several other coins also saw positive inflows over the past week, with Solana adding $12.5 million and Cardano pulling in $3 million. Ethereum bucked the trend and actually saw an outflow of $14 million.

With U.S. regulation of crypto markets getting closer by the day combined with recent positive comments from the SEC regarding the future of cryptocurrencies, retail and institutional investors alike have shown a renewed level of confidence highlighted by the near record inflows. Many believe that further regulation might aid in calming some of the extremes that crypto investors have come to know and offer new levels of protection for investors. This could all lead to a massive influx of both investors that have stayed on the sidelines of crypto in general and a large inflow of new money from the institutional sector.

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