Mass Adoption Requires Mass Appeal: Female-Led Tecient PR Firm Goes Live With Their High-Impact CryptoTech Marketing Strategy


A new player just entered the game with the goal of leveling the playing field and bringing cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, DeFi and FinTech to the masses. Tecient is a full fledged in-house public relations, communications, and marketing team headed by a diverse team of industry experts from various fields. The group will create custom PR strategies that encompass each of their clients unique stories while engineering growth, developing a complete corporate brand playbook, revamping communications, and matching a company’s messaging to their core values and goals, all with hyper focus on the tech world. With the web3 space growing at hyper speed there is a deep need for creatives that understand the sector’s nuances, complex jargon, and tech concepts that can bridge the gap between technical and creative.

By Marcus Henry
September 27th 2021

Heading up the Tecient team is Catie Romero-Finger, the managing and marketing director who brings along over 15 years of experience navigating diverse and varying industries. She has a single goal for the tech world, 

“to open up a space that can be perceived as closed or inaccessible to all users, independent of their knowledge base”

Romero-Finger added:

“We build communities by making people feel welcomed and by helping people to connect to other people with similar interests, it shouldn’t matter if you are new to NFTs or have been around since crypto kitty’s was born.” 

The founder went on to detail Tecient’s call to action:

“There is this perception in the crypto space among many developer teams that their communities need to understand the ins and outs of crypto tech in order to get involved, but that isn’t true. Tecient aims to create a narrative that shows people how and why a protocol is going to benefit them, which is what really matters at the end of the day.”

Catie understands that for a project to grow, dev teams will need to let the creative be an equal partner at the table. Her passion for marketing the complex makes her a perfect fit to lead the way in the emerging and exciting world of cryptocurrencies and FinTech. Her passion and ability to fluidly explain the sometimes confusing and difficult inner workings of various FinTech markets makes her a perfect lead for Tecient. She is adept at bringing a company’s vision into reality while meeting various challenges to create a full fledged identity for her clients. 

Anthony Burr, head of Tecient’s communications and PR strategy, is a former newspaper and television journalist who brings unmatched expertise to the team. Anthony has built up a professional resume that boasts some of the biggest names in the sports and entertainment world as well as deep roots in the crypto space having presided over numerous IPO and ICO media campaigns and believes that open and honest communication is one of the biggest keys to success. A true public relations expert and crypto and blockchain enthusiast, Anthony is a master at understanding the complexities of the web3 space and being able to craft a narrative that speaks directly to a company’s target audience. An expert in all aspects of PR, Anthony specializes in generating publicity, media and crisis management, and story brokering. 

Heading up Tecient’s contact strategy is Olivier Acuna, is not only an accomplished journalist with over 35 years of experience covering major events in seven different countries, but also a crypto enthusiast with deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the crypto and blockchain arena with a special knack for capturing crypto stories and making them headline worthy. . Olivier brings expertise as not only a writer and editor but also as a news director who ensured the complete and professional production of newscasts and programming. He’s covered major global mainstream and crypto events, and interviewed numerous international personalities in the crypto space. His resume is a hit list of some of the most respected news outlets from various countries including The Guardia, The Mexico City Times, AP, The Reforma, and The News. Tapping into his global experiences.

The massively capable and experienced team at Tecient are not only experts in their relative fields with decades of experience but are master storytellers who can paint a compelling picture of a business to its clientele. From forming a clear message of a company’s goals to forging new alliances and bridging the gaps between ideas and reality, Tecient is looking to change the rules of the game for public relations and marketing in the crypto and FinTech fields. They are bridging the gap between technical and creative.
You can learn more about Tecient by checking out their website,

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Published by Marcus Henry

Marcus Henry is an American Journalist with over 14 years in the tech industry. He has been actively involved in the crypto community for the past five years and is currently based in Austin, Texas. He covers breaking news, shares opinions, and leads AMAs with industry professionals and community members. Follow Marcus on Twitter - @MarcusHenryHODL