Starl Metaverse Project Teams Up With Inspiration4/Spacex NFT Charity Auction To Support St. Judes

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Starl continues to reach new heights on a daily basis. Gaining even more public awareness and traction, Starl along with iamnaomidesign, the current head of Starl’s visual brand development, have been selected to take part in the Inspiration4 auction with the addition of her NFT “The Starl Enterprise 2021.”

By Marcus Henry
September 10th 2021

iamnaomidesign is a Creative Director and Artist with a long and successful history of working with new progressive mediums and artists to tell stories and reimagine the landscape of digital art. When asked how she felt about her NFT being auctioned, the creative leader had this to say:

“Modernism has led to the genesis of the space era. We’re living in the rebirth of the vast unknown through new forms of space exploration. Through new technology any of us anywhere can experience the overview effect. The space unknown holds from our own love of the galaxy, each of us can create and own an alternate universe built to with our own intention. Get lost in space while you admire the greatness of the atomic era and build your own future. A new chapter of civilian exploration to the planets and beyond.”

Clearly wise beyond her years, iamnaomidesign has long focused on blending the new era of digitized art with traditional aspects of surrealism and modern design resulting in a style completely her own. Drawing inspiration from her own diverse background, she empathizes by honoring both people and places that have been overlooked or forgotten by mainstream society. She is passionate both about her art and about bringing an inclusive and all encompassing mindset to her projects and daily life. She received a BA in Art Practice from UC Berkeley and has been the lead of her own LLC based out of Los Angeles California for the past 12 years.

The Inspiration4 movement, the first civilian orbital space mission, and ground-breaking auction was founded by Mission Commander Jared Isaacman with the goal of raising 200 million dollars for St. Judes children’s Research Hospital to end childhood cancer. Artists from all over the world have contributed NFTs for auction but that’s just the beginning. Hops will be launched into orbit and then used to produce a special beer by Samuel Adams who has pledged $100,000 to the project. Mission jackets featuring artwork from the astronauts heading up the project and by patients at St. Judes will be open for bidding along with an unreleased song by Kings Of Leon. There will be several other items auctioned off at different times during the three day mission, from NYC hotel stays to a script from the hit show Friends signed by the cast, so be sure to check back frequently. The Starl team is immensely proud to have been selected to join such a noble mission with global repercussions. 

“The Starl Enterprise” by iamnaomidesign

The NFT component was launched at the directive of Mission Captain Sian Proctor who created her first ever piece to be digitally converted for the sale that will also accompany the mission to space- becoming the first NFT to ever travel into orbit and back. The sale itself was put together by the talented minds at Subtractive working in conjunction with Origin Protocol.  Subtractive is an LA-based creative company focused on aligning with like-minded artists, filmmakers, storytellers, and dreamers. From ideation through execution, Subtractive operates at the behest of a single clear mandate: to make a positive impact through original creative works and intelligent partnerships co-creating with some of the world’s largest brands from space exploration to sustainability, music industry legends, and compelling nonprofits. Origin Protocol has consistently hosted record breaking NFT sales for top musicians, celebrities and creators and has a seriously talented roster of professionals running the show including serial entrepreneurs, a founder of PayPal, early employees at YouTube, and engineering managers at Google and Dropbox.

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iamnaomidesign has been directly and emotionally linked to the Inspiration4 movement via her work with Starl. Her art and vision will continue to cut new pathways through the virtual galaxy, adding inspiration and beauty to Starl’s expanding Metaverse. Being included in such a worthwhile cause as the Inspiration4 movement blends her personal and creative passions and allows a platform to show off the beautiful additions that she will routinely be making as a member of the Starl team. 

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