Making Massive Moves: Starl ($Starl) Metaverse Signs Massive Multiplayer Gaming Godfather, Scott Brown, Scaling Vision For The Immersive NFT Game

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It has been a wild climb the past month for the Starl ($Starl) team; one that saw them secure the services of not one, but two industry experts. After recently retaining the services of the highly respected and longtime video game industry veteran Shahid Ahmad, Starl is preparing for another launch with the addition of visionary Scott Brown, one of the original founders of NetDevil in 1997 and current lead at Wyrmbyte.

By Marcus Henry
September 6th 2021

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These are additions that will not only strengthen Starl in the short-term but will redefine what the Metaverse has the potential to become. Starl founder Moe Larson has given his team flexibility and added years of industry experience seemingly overnight with the two newest team members. He commented on the recent staffing of Brown onto his team:

“We have a really good idea of what it is we’re looking to achieve with Starl Metaverse over the next few years, and the time for execution is now. With all the recent talent on-boarded onto our team, we’re bullish that we can deliver the highest quality experiences for our community.”

Brown has long been enamored with the creation of digital worlds and was one of the first to envision the draw of space with the development of Jumpgate, a space-based flight simulator massive multiplayer online game (MMO) with a cult following of fans who keep the legacy title alive. In the game, players travel the galaxy using jumpgates that bring them to different sectors. Players also have the ability to own their own space stations and pilot their own spacecraft while acquiring wealth and building up their reputations by actively engaging in trade, mining, and/or combat. Brown holds a deep appreciation for in-game economies; a central focus for Starl Metaverse. All of Brown’s work creating Jumpgate will directly allow him to have a massive impact on building out and upgrading the Metaverse

When discussing the challenges faced when developing an MMO compared to a traditional game Brown said: 

“…running an MMO is so much more than a standard PC title. You have billing, operations, support, as well as making the game itself. It’s building a service in addition to launching a game, which takes a lot of manpower. We have never really built games similar to others on the market so we have never really been influenced by what the ‘competition’ is doing.” 

Brown has long focused on his primary passion of creating unique online game experiences that fall outside of the realm of what has already been done, a commitment deeply shared by the Starl team.

Brown brings decades of experience, passion, and vision to the Starl team which will quickly pay dividends as his touch reaches out into the Metaverse. Larson was most excited about Brown’s commitment to the users of his past games and had this to say about what the future looks like:

“I think Brown has displayed, over many years, that he is first and foremost committed to the users of his various digital playgrounds. While the expertise he adds to our team in the background, things having to do with day-to-day operations, will be invaluable, I am most excited about what he will add for our users and how he will grow and enhance the Metaverse as a whole. He brings the power of MMORPG games with deep layers of world/economy that will greatly benefit Starl.”

Brown has long pegged his hat on being a master craftsman of MMO games and will be taking the next step with the Metaverse in helping to create a true digital universe. Along with Jumpgate and its massive success, Brown has also brought a litany of other titles into gamers hands including Auto Assault an MMO combining vehicular combat with role-playing elements, Warmonger – with destructible environments, and LEGO Universe, an MMO aimed at children. Due to Netdevil’s overwhelming achievements within the gaming world, they were acquired by Gazillion Entertainment in 2011. Brown went on to found his second company, Wyrmbyte and release another hit game Dragons and Titans, a fast paced MOBQ with role-playing elements built around player versus player combat with rapidly changing leaderboards.

Starl has seen rapid growth in valuation and users, but the leadership has displayed an unmatched resiliency to fight the hype and stay focused on continued growth and improvements. Their vision for the Metaverse is already on the cutting edge of the union between the gaming industry and the blockchain world. With their two recent additions they have a team fully capable of bringing those visions into virtual reality.

You can learn more about Starl’s Decentralized Virtual Space Development by checking out their website.

Their white paper can be downloaded here.

Starl is visible on coingecko, coinmarketcap, and etherscan.

You can purchase $Starl on, Uniswap, and Shibaswap.

Check out Starl on Twitter @StarLinkETH, Telegram, and Reddit Starlink_metaverse.

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