From PlayStation to Space Station: Starl ($Starl) Metaverse Secures Top Gaming Industry Vet and Legend, Shahid Ahmad, Doubling Down On Gamification Strategy To Grow Out Immersive NFT Platform

Shahid Ahamad Starl Cover

Great companies are pioneered by great leadership teams – very few in the world of cryptocurrency understand this like Starl ($Starl), displayed by their recent addition of Shahid Ahmad as an Industry Advisor. The group responsible for the virtual space project, or Metaverse, is already rock solid, with Moe Larson in the captain’s chair. With the addition of Ahmad as another co-pilot, the countdown is on for Starl to jump into hyperspace on their path to success.

By Marcus Henry
August 26th 2021

Call it the “Starl way”, or refer to the appointment simply as forward thinking. By focusing on in-house additions that can revolutionize Starl Metaverse while also bringing years of industry expertise into the fold this group is putting together the physical components needed to blast off.

Shahid brings almost 40 years of experience within the video game industry, numerous accolades, and a track record of unparalleled success leading teams. Ahmad has been heavily involved in all aspects of the gaming industry during his career; from programming, production, design, graphics/art, and audio to public relations and business development. He was named as one of Game Industry’s Top 10 Persons of the Year, and as both one of the 100 Top Influencers in the British Game Industry and as Develop’s 25 People That Changed Games. Ahmad was also credited with revolutionizing console gaming by opening PlayStation up to indie developers and for his role in bringing hundreds of new titles to the PlayStation. For this achievement, he received the great recognition of being awarded the Developer’s Publishing Hero award on behalf of the Strategic Content team he headed.

The industry vet has developed a well-known and highly renowned name within the gaming world both during his time as head of Sony’s Computer Entertainment Europe’s Strategic Content team and as an individual developer. Coming on as an advisor, he brings a level of ability to the Starl team rarely found. Ahmad’s advanced expertise with Unity, and familiarity with Epic Games will aid in Starl’s goal of bridging the gap between the traditional gaming world and the cryptocurrency universe.

The combination of the gaming world with Blockchain technology is often thought of as the perfect marriage. Starl has already started to solve many of the issues plaguing the gaming industry. Through non-fungible tokens, Starl has allowed its users to take actual ownership of their own virtual property and reap the benefits. The Starl team has already displayed the success of their application specific approach to gaming and Blockchain. Ahmad will lead the way in taking the journey that Starl has started to a whole new galaxy.

When asked for comment about the recent hire, Starl team leader and co-developer Moe Larson commented:

“I am ecstatic to bring Shahid on as a key member of the Starl team. His extensive track record speaks for itself. Starl and our community feel privileged to have him aboard, and I can’t wait to see what is ahead now that Shahid will be advising on building the Starl Metaverse with us.”

With the team that Starl already has in place and the new addition of Shahid Ahmad, the future certainly looks bright for the Metaverse.

You can learn more about Starl’s Decentralized Virtual Space Development by checking out their website.

Their white paper can be downloaded here.

Starl is visible on coingecko, coinmarketcap, and etherscan.

You can purchase $Starl on, Uniswap, or Shibaswap.

Check out Starl on Twitter @StarLinkETH, Telegram, and Reddit Starlink_metaverse.

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Published by Marcus Henry

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