The Final (Non-Fungible) Frontier: How Starl ($STARL) Is Leading A New Tokenized Virtual Real Estate Space Race

Starl is the first fully community-owned decentralized virtual space project on the blockchain. The launch of their token was arguably the fairest in cryptocurrency history. The project has no coin supply allocated to developers, no pre-sale, or any confusing tokenomics.

By Marcus Henry
August 17th 2021

Have you ever been up at dusk and just looked up at the stars (or those Starlink satellites that you thought were UFOs) and started asking yourself the big questions on the nature of our reality like “what is consciousness?” There are few answers out there and many theories on the nature of consciousness. One that was popularized by a quote from the late comedian and philosopher, Bill Hicks, through Tool’s hit song “Third Eye” states that: 

We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”

This notion of consciousness enforces a sense of individual purpose that we so deeply yearn for in times where there are so many people and what appears to be such little meaning to life. By assuming we are all part of a universal consciousness, there becomes greater purpose to our unique experiences.

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Subjectivity becomes the sheer purpose of life under Hicks’ statement on consciousness; the idea that our own unique experiences are fulfilling a larger mission that is beyond our own comprehension. By valuing individuality at scale, we see that the world is a richer place when we help each other to live freely. Aligned with this notion is the principle of decentralization of power within our many human neworks, wherein, control is divided amongst individuals in order to promote greater freedoms for the community as a whole, and harmony within that larger system for achieving maximum potential, balance, and sustained longevity. 

There might be no greater success story for decentralization of power than that of blockchain and cryptocurrency. For the first time in human history, financial power can now be distributed fairly and transparently across an entire network without corruptible human forces getting involved. This results in empowering all individual participants within the network by eliminating these risks introduced by traditional centralized human figures of authority such as powerful bankers and politicians. To add to the ever-growing set of real-world blockchain and cryptocurrency use-cases, one new project is paying homage to the new financial reality unlocked by decentralization, and they’re doing so in a virtual world.

$Starl Logo

Starl is the first fully community-owned decentralized virtual space project on the blockchain. The launch of their token was arguably the fairest in cryptocurrency history. The project has no coin supply allocated to developers, no pre-sale, or any confusing tokenomics. Starl was created when notorious blockchain developer, Woof Decentra deployed the Starl contract as a ruse to confuse crypto whales, giving smaller investors equal access to purchase the token. Many crypto projects use pre-sales to lure these big investors to the table; a high-risk fundraising strategy for many crypto projects.  These whale investors pose a threat to the token, as they can dominate the supply at early stages, potentially manipulating a project’s direction for their own personal gain. By Starl eliminating this risk, it will remain a project dedicated to the community of those who share in its vision of continuously delivering and expanding upon the democratic ideal of decentralization of power as envisioned by the pioneers of cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

The project team, led by Moe Larson, sees and understands the trend where individuals are interacting more and more frequently within digital spaces. By creating a new and engaging virtual space, Starl provides people with a novel and immersive experience in which to carry out their lives; all from the safety of their own home. The team strongly believes a social responsibility exists to provide a virtual means to create fun and dynamic experiences for individuals to thrive in and effectively monetize. This is something the COVID pandemic has made more essential than ever, as many of us enter another round of lockdowns and heightened social distancing protocols with the rise of the Delta variant. Starl’s platform for promoting their vision; a virtual world called Starl Metaverse.

The Metaverse Model

Starl Metaverse hosts democratized data and ideas within the blockchain. This virtual world consists of a finite amount of real estate including a space station, satellites, spacecraft and lands. These properties will be sold in a similar fashion to virtual billboards and living spaces within the framework of their system. The creation of virtual objects within Starl Metaverse is endless and expansive. All of Starl’s virtual properties can be purchased, traded and sold from right within the virtual world. This is all done using $Starl; Starl’s native governance token.

Token & Ecosystem

Starl is an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) utility token that celebrates its fair tokenomics and launch. The crypto’s whitepaper states that:

“To build our vehicle for a democracy beyond Earth, we based Starl on fair tokenomics and launch, with no presale, no dev tokens, and no dev tax.”

The crypto is a critical component of Starl’s virtual space; performing two key functions for Starl. First, it is leveraged for property transactions within the virtual ecosystem. Secondly, it is the means for which the community governs the underlying software. 

Starl tokens function as the investment vehicle for purchasing virtual land in Starl Station; a large area within the Starl Metaverse. The virtual space station will replicate an actual space station positioned in it’s precise real-world coordinates. Property within Starl Metaverse is issued as an NFT (non-fungible token) recorded on the Ethereum-721 blockchain. This makes the virtual real estate, both, easily transferable and secure. 

This governance component of the Starl dApp ecosystem is the Starlink DAO. With $Starl tokens, voting happens within the startup’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This guarantees the project is self-sustained and remains free from the threat of centralized power and manipulation. Because of the fair launch component, STARL holders have the reassurance that project devs have no voting advantages that could potentially corrupt the governance model. Further, investors have the power to create and vote upon proposals that impact the project’s roadmap.

The operating model for Starl Metaverse takes into account the fact that digital property has become a legitimate asset class, garnering 10s of billions of dollars. With the growing popularity of these assets, it is becoming clear as to why they are being taken more seriously by investors. These assets offer valuable opportunities for potential large gains in the short and long terms as the project expands. Within Starl Metaverse, $Starl tokens serve as the investment vehicle for virtual property within its ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of Universe, Profile, NFTs, and Marketplace.

Starl Universe is the gamified 3D virtual space of the Starl ecosystem. This is where individuals will go to interact with the Starl virtual environment. They will create a user profile to design their avatar within the Universe. SATE NFTs are the properties that can be bought and sold within the Starl Metaverse. The Starl Marketplace will be where users can manage and exchange these virtual property NFTs.

Strategic Leadership & Roadmap

The Starl Metaverse, currently in development, is being built by Woof Decentra, Moe Larson, and a globally diverse team of 3D artists and coders. Woof Decentra is an industry-recognized blockchain developer behind the Shiba Inu related token, Leash. Starl was created when Woof Decentra accidentally deployed Starl’s smart contract and subsequently burnt the initial liquidity, ensuring the project remained dedicated to a community that shares the same vision. Moe is a decade-long investor and developer of several cryptocurrency projects. He comes with deep real-world business experience in leading projects to success. With full support from their rapidly growing 10k+ investor community, Woof and Moe now seek to achieve their larger vision for Starl.

Moe focuses heavily on strategy when it comes to competing within the crypto industry. He believes Starl will become a critical component of the growing decentralized financial ecosystem in the years to come. Larson recently stated that:

“We are positioned ahead of the industry in terms of tech and momentum. As of yet, there is no well developed space themed virtual world. Given $Starl’s dev team’s previous project experience which includes Shiba Inu, Leash, and Kuma, we are well positioned to capture not only the imagination and enthusiasm of a giant investment base, but also possess the technological knowledge to build the greatest quality virtual world in existence.”

In the coming months Starl will add tooling on it’s website and dApp (decentralized application) that lets users follow SpaceX’s StarLink satellite launches, giving people the ability to track the progress and availability of the up-and-coming internet-everywhere utility service. Starl also aims to become the preferred cryptocurrency payment for all space-related digital marketing and services from within the Starl Metaverse. By doing this, Starl connects the real and virtual worlds by using $Starl tokens to purchase Starlink Internet services and equipment. Further, it creates a new entry point for charitable community sponsorship of Starlink internet services for those most in need at little to no cost.

Starl aims to be a vehicle for a democracy and individual freedom beyond our physical realm. Starl Station will be a virtual world that exists as a space to host data and ideas within the blockchain where, according to the Starl whitepaper:

“All free citizens of the planet and those integrated with the power of the blockchain will be offered the chance to ACQUIRE SPACE [and] overcome the machinations of an unfair economic system.”

The document further mentioned that:

“Free choice is what matters to uplift the hearts of a populous, [and with] your ideas represented in a new and ever expanding way, everyone will have the chance to be part of this.”

You can learn more about Starl’s Decentralized Virtual Space Development by checking out their website. Their white paper can be downloaded here. Starl is visible on coingecko, coinmarketcap, and etherscan. You can purchase $Starl on Uniswap or Shibaswap. Check out Starl on Twitter @StarLinkETH, Telegram, and Reddit Starlink_metaverse.

Disclaimer: The information above does not constitute investment, financial, trading or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of my content as such. We do not recommend the purchase, sale, or holding of any cryptocurrency or other product. None of our content should be deemed as an offer to purchase, sell, or hold a cryptocurrency or other product or service. Please consider doing your own research and prioritize consulting a certified financial professional before making any investment decisions.

Published by Marcus Henry

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