The Rakuten Of Bitcoin: Pei Mobile App & Browser Plugin Gives Back Bitcoin For Everyday Purchases At Top Online And Retail Stores, Gives No-Strings $10 Just To Register

2021 is shaping up to be a year full of exciting new products in the crypto space. Things like NFTs and Bitcoin ETFs are attracting interest from industry newcomers looking to get their hands wet with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are seeing lots of startups popping up offering accessibility to Bitcoin in easy and low-risk ways for the everyday investor. Pei is a company that is a veteran in this space, and continues to see huge growth with their business model.

By Marcus Henry
July 18th 2021

Pei features a bitcoin-back browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. They also have their mobile app for Android and iOS, which enables bitcoin-back for shopping in stores. They have a huge and ever-growing list of bitcoin-back partner merchants. Many of these merchants are likely ones you shop at frequently. What better way to take advantage of passive Bitcoin income?

Pei is currently giving new customers $10 in Bitcoin or cash. Once you download the browser extension and/or mobile app, you just link your bank and/or credit card accounts to Pei, you can find stores online or near you and enable savings before you shop. The bitcoin-back process is entirely automated and you will see your bitcoin accumulate very quickly within the app just for doing your normal shopping.

Pei is very easy to set up. It was surprising to find just how many merchants they have available including Nordstrom, Petco, GameStop, Target, Footlocker, Starbucks, and Shake Shack. No thought is required, just do some shopping with your linked credit cards and check the app to find how much bitcoin you’ve earned back for your shopping. It is quite brilliant to see completely passive Bitcoin normal purchases.

If you’re looking to get bitcoin on your everyday purchases, Pei seeks to be your best solution for passively earning Bitcoin while you shop. If you’re looking to get that free $10 in Bitcoin, don’t forget to sign up with Pei here. I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do. HODL on my friends!

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Published by Marcus Henry

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