CRYPTOsauce Exclusive: Marcus Henry Interviews Solarwind Token ($SLW) Founder And CEO, Roy Sowah

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By Marcus Henry
June 30th 2021

In this comprehensive in-person discussion, Roy Sowah tells CRYPTOsauce a bit about himself and how he, as a man born and raised in Oklahoma, went from his humble beginnings of running a solar-powered snow-cone stand, to developing Solarwind Token on the Binance Smart Chain that aims to solve for a major gap in the solar power industry that has hindered overall sales and adoption; project funding. In this 20+ minute interview, Roy goes into detail on Solarwind Token’s fundamentals, strategy for continuity during downturns, their roadmap plans for the months and years ahead, how they can be a part of the race to reverse greenhouse gas emissions, and so much more.

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Published by Marcus Henry

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