SolarWind Token Is Powering The Clean Energy Revolution By Solving The Industry’s Greatest Growth Challenge; Financing

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For individuals who are seriously considering the move to greener energy sources, particularly solar energy, cost is often a four letter word. That is because the price to actually finance the move to go solar can be rather restrictive, discouraging many people from even entertaining the idea at all.

By Marcus Henry
June 7th 2021

Scientists warn that humanity currently has a little under seven years left to reduce and then reverse the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere; 6 years, 207 days to be exact. Without major progress towards bringing these CO2 emissions down to pre-industrial levels, the planet will reach a “point of no return” where Earth will undergo a catastrophic and uncontrollable rise in temperature that will result in apocalyptic outcomes for many. Society would spiral into chaos as humanity witnesses the heartbreaking collapse of entire ecosystems that support our food chains. Sea levels will rise, causing mass destruction to millions of homes and communities, and leaving hundreds of billions to become climate refugees. Water shortages and famine will create desperation that leads to war and destruction. There is still hope if we act quickly now to move away from using energy that is burning the fossil fuels that perpetuate this destruction, and move towards greener alternatives at any cost.

For individuals who are seriously considering the move to greener energy sources, particularly solar energy, cost is often a four letter word. That is because the price to actually finance the move to go solar can be rather restrictive, discouraging many people from even entertaining the idea at all. Banks and other institutional lenders do not generally offer financing options for solar projects. Solar companies that do will often need to charge up to 5 times the cost of a reasonably priced quote to protect themselves from project abandonment. This industry gap is not helping the cause and needs to be solved quickly if solar (and other green) power is going to help in curbing global CO2 emissions in time to prevent runaway climate change.

Enter SolarWind Token (SLW); a cryptocurrency running on the Binance Smart Chain. SLW was created on May 12th 2021 by solar company owner and industry expert, Roy Sowah. As owner and operator of his company, Roy realized over time just how difficult it was for solar installers like him to find reliable financing for his customers. For them, it was equally as difficult to get financing that was fair and affordable. According to Roy:

“If they tried to get financing through their bank, they would get denied. If they found a solar company that offered financing, the quoted price would be 3, 4 or sometimes 5 times more than a decently priced quote!”

This issue is steering customers away, or delaying an installation for several months to several years while funding is secured.

Sowah added that “many people don’t have $20,000 to drop on a solar installation. That is where SolarWind Token comes to help.”

Roy Sowah, Founder and CEO of SolarWind Token (Above)

The novel SolarWind Token is revolutionary in how it operates in this industry. It solves the major financing gap that exists in the solar industry at present. SLW does this by giving solar installers the confidence to lock in customer projects without having to worry about if and when they will be able to close a job due to a customer’s funding status. It gives customers the freedom to choose when to go solar. 

When a customer needs financing, they will go through the SolarWind dApp (coming in Q1 2022) to select the installer of their choosing. That installer will then provide their SolarWind wallet address to the customer for tracking and transparency purposes. Those funds will then be split up and disbursed to the installer upon reaching specific project milestones. Once the solar installation is completed, the customer will make their payment via credit or debit card directly into the SLW liquidity pool through their dApp.

As it is a cryptocurrency, the SLW token also serves as a brand new means for eco-conscious investors to gain exposure to the rapidly growing solar industry. Roy commented:

“Solar energy is the energy of the millennial, gen z, and future generations. Currently, the only way to join in on the growth is to invest in a select few stocks in the industry.”  

Compared against other areas within the energy sector, which have a market cap in the trillions of dollars, the current solar energy market cap is a mere $300 billion dollars. Nevertheless, it is becoming evident that more countries are now getting serious about taking on initiatives to go carbon-free in the near future, as the United States has re-entered the Paris Climate Accord and targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions by over 50% by 2030; a massive shift in policy from the Trump administration. The crypto CEO added:

“Solar is the easiest and most readily available technology to help in this race to stop out-of-control climate change, and now is the perfect timing for a solar-focused cryptocurrency to hit the market and grow hand in hand with the crypto market and solar industry.”

SolarWind’s tokenomics is modeled similarly to that of SafeMoon; a highly popular project that gained a lot of success in recent months. 10% of SolarWind Coin’s market cap is allocated towards taxes, 5% gets redistributed to the holders, 2.5% gets sent to a liquidity pool, and 2.5% gets sent to a dedicated project fund. This project fund is used to finance these customer solar projects mentioned above. Over time, more money is put back into this liquidity pool than what is taken out. This will enable the project to steadily increase the overall value of the token organically. Additionally, SLW’s natural growth from fresh investor capital entering the crypto markets will increase the overall value over time. 

Another great feature built into the SolarWind Token model is the community-voted green project sponsorship. Once the coin hits certain milestones, the community will vote on a large project to fund. Roy envisions something like a utility scale solar installation. The project would be financed in full and bring liquidity for the coin for many years to come. As for long-term vision, after the concept has been proven for the solar industry, SLW’s larger roadmap will be to integrate other green companies within the energy sector into the SolarWind Token dApp.

The planet is facing an ecological crisis that stands to humble civilization through an unprecedented disruption to society. Carbon must be reduced and captured in order to ensure we do not destroy hope for future generations to come. Solar energy is the easiest and most accessible way for humanity to act quickly to eliminate CO2. With solar installation projects being historically unobtainable for most people due to the restrictive nature of funding, SolarWind Token offers vision, hope and financial incentive necessary to help drive the market towards meeting the goal of reducing CO2 emissions before it is too late. You can learn more about SolarWind Token by checking out their site, or follow them on Twitter @solarwindtoken.

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