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- Cointelegraph By William Suberg

Sideways action has little time left to run, metrics suggest, as shorters increase bets on a dip below $20,000.

- Cointelegraph By Ezra Reguerra

From creating a music library for film and television to licensing blockchain-native content, projects are bringing music to the blockchain.

- Cointelegraph By Arnold Kirimi

Opera's Crypto Browser will allow users to access Coin98's collection of multichain NFTs, DEXs, cross-chain bridges, asset swaps and the ability to stake and lend their crypto.

- Elizabeth Napolitano
The organization will distribute grants in USDC, ETH and SSV tokens.
- Omkar Godbole
The Euro's decline to parity may add bearish pressures around bitcoin and inject volatility into the EUR-pegged stablecoins.
- Jack Schickler
Most likely replacements have been relatively quiet on Web3 views.
- Hermi De Ramos
Revuto will launch a lifetime digital subscription for Netflix and Spotify through NFTs on July 11. Each digital asset in ...


- Lisa Walters
Method MetaGuildThe success of MMOs and RPGs contributed to the acceleration in GameFi. Method MetaGuild (MMG) aims to unite blockchain gamers ...


- Lisa Walters
Elon Musk’s Boring Company announced its acceptance of Dogecoin. It is the latest DOGE support by Elon. DOGE didn’t display ...


- Oluwapelumi Adejumo

83% of Ethereum (ETH) stakers are underwater as the digital asset continues to trade at around $1000, Glassnode reported on July 6.

The post Only 17% of Ethereum stakers are in profit as validator deposits decline appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Oluwapelumi Adejumo

The United States Office of Government Ethics on July 5 issued a legal advisory warning that banned government employees holding crypto assets from working on crypto-related policies.

The post US bars crypto holders from contributing to crypto policies appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Andjela Radmilac

Apple is doubling down on preserving user privacy by launching a new Lockdown Mode feature.

The post Apple doubles down on protecting user privacy with new Lockdown Mode appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Okoya David Kio
US SEC Ruins Christmas For Cryptocurrency Investors With Yet Another Bitcoin Spot ETF RejectionUS SEC chairman Gary Gensler speaking with Jim Cramer on CNBC has made it clear that Bitcoin is the only crypto he is willing to openly call a commodity.
- Guest Author
DEBT Token Listed For Trading On LBank Crypto ExchangeOn July 5, 2022, DEBT was listed on LBank Exchange, a trading platform for digital assets. DEBT Box provides a growing variety of token projects related to real-world commodities as a decentralized eco-friendly blockchain technology initiative, allowing users to become miners and get rewards from various asset classes. On July 5, 2022, at 20:00 (UTC+8), […]
- Aliyu Pokima
Robinhood CEO Tenev Sees Dogecoin As The Future Currency Of The Internet, But Much Has To Be DoneElon Musk is going all-in on Dogecoin (DOGE) and this time, it's not by sharing memes or appearing on TV shows. Instead, one of the billionaire’s companies has announced that customers can now use the dog-themed cryptocurrency to make payments for its services.
- Nicholas Say

Financially troubled lending platforms have fallen like a row of dominos. Toronto-based crypto broker Voyager Digital said Tuesday night that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy under U.S. law in the Southern District Court of New York. Voyager has been having a tough time since the bear market hit and the default of Three Arrow [...]

The post Carnage Grinds on as Voyager Digital is Next in Filing for Bankruptcy appeared first on Blockonomi.

- Nicholas Say

July started with a lot of negative news, pushing the price of top cryptocurrencies down at times. The price of bitcoin has fallen below the all-time high of the 2017 bull cycle for the first time. The unexpected events of June and early July has been on the troubles of prominent hedge funds. 3AC Looks [...]

The post Final Chapter of Three Arrows & Voyager: Bankrupt, Legal Issues & Sam Bankman-Fried appeared first on Blockonomi.

- Nicholas Say
Crystal Palace Football Club

Crystal Palace is the latest football club to enter the metaverse and NFTs. London-based Premier League squad Crystal Palace is establishing its presence in the metaverse and non-fungible token (NFT). The club just secured its name for use in these areas. Crystal Palace, like other previous participants, is interested in how NFT and metaverse can [...]

The post Crystal Palace Football Club Blasts into The Metaverse appeared first on Blockonomi.

- CryptoVizArt
Bitcoin’s price is still consolidating amid the $20K range following a massive crash from $30K in June. This zone also aligns with the 2017 previous ATH and provides psychological support, which – in case it holds – could lead to a relief rally in the short term. Technical Analysis Technical and on-chain analysis by Edris […]
- Dimitar Dzhondzhorov
Last month, Argo Blockchain sold 637 BTC at an approximate price of $24,500, while the mined assets were significantly less - 179 BTC.
- Press Release
[PRESS RELEASE – Victoria, Seychelles, 7th July 2022] Bitwells, the leading crypto derivatives exchange, has launched a 100% deposit match for new signups. The programme will reward traders who deposit up to 10 BTC with a corresponding bonus amount. A total of 777 BTC has been set aside in a funding pool and allocated for […]
- Andrew Asmakov
As the price of ETH plunged more than 78% from its November all-time high, only 17% of Ethereum 2.0 stakers are currently in profit.
- Liam J. Kelly
Genesis CEO Michael Moro has confirmed that the crypto platform did indeed have exposure to troubled hedge fund Three Arrows Capital.
- Tim Hakki
After selling $15.6 million in Bitcoin, Argo is the second crypto miner this week to announce it sold more coin than it mined last month.
- Ashfaq
Revuto Launches Limited Edition NFTs Offering Lifetime Subscription For Netflix or SpotifyAs a result of its utilization of cutting-edge technology, Revuto plans to provide NFTs that will enable customers to enjoy
- Aparna
British Luxury Firm Abandoned Post-Bitcoin ScamLast year, the scammers demanded $15 million in Bitcoin from Graff Diamonds. The jewelry had paid $7.5 million in Bitcoin
- chainwire
Gibraltar, Gibraltar, 7th July, 2022, Chainwire Ready Games, an established entity in the gaming industry, and The Game Storm Studio,
- Adnan Tuncturk

Morningstar Ventures is launching a new campaign for the Elrond Network. In addition to the awareness campaign, the firm will also launch marketing campaigns for the company’s other projects. Elrond is an Internet-scale blockchain protocol that claims to be capable of processing transactions at rates of 100,000 and 15,000 per second. This could be a […]

The post Top 5 In-Demand Elrond Ecosystem Tokens to Watch in 2022 appeared first on NullTX.

- Will Izuchukwu

Avalanche (AVAX) is an open-source platform used to develop decentralized applications (DeFi & DeFi 2.0) and business blockchain deployments in a single, highly scalable ecosystem. Avalanche was the first decentralized smart contracts platform with nearly instantaneous transaction finality. The Avalanche blockchain uses smart contracts, like Ethereum does, to support a number of blockchain applications, and […]

The post Top 4 Avalanche Ecosystem Tokens Below $70 Million Market Cap to Watch in 2022 appeared first on NullTX.

- Null Transaction PR

While decentralized exchanges have many advantages, they also come with some challenges. One challenge is that they can be harder to use than centralized exchanges, as they often lack features such as user-friendly interfaces and customer support. Another challenge is that thanks to blockchain technology, we are moving toward a trustless economy, with no need […]

The post Can by NuGenesis Lead the Way for Decentralized Exchanges? appeared first on NullTX.


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US Officials Owning Crypto Banned From Working On Crypto Regulations

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- /u/jakkkmotivator
Dallas Mavericks Owner And Dogecoin Supporter Mark Cuban Comes Under Fire For Previously Promoting Embattled Voyager

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Please utilize this sticky thread for all general Bitcoin discussions! If you see posts on the front page or /r/Bitcoin/new which are better suited for this daily discussion thread, please… [...]

- /u/rBitcoinMod

The lightning network is a second-layer solution on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that enables quick, cheap and scalable Bitcoin payments. Here is the place to discuss and learn more… [...]

- /u/VeryRichAndBored
How's your bank going?

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Welcome to the Weekly Discussion. Please read the disclaimer, guidelines, and rules before participating. Rules: All sub rules apply in this thread. Discussion topics must be related to Ethereum. Behave… [...]

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Welcome to the 8th edition of EF Research's AMA Series. **NOTICE: This AMA is open NOW!! Feel free to leave your questions below*\* Members of the Ethereum Foundation's Research Team… [...]

- /u/EitherLie3619
Ethereum Layer 2 Immutable X Launches ETH-to-Dollar Withdrawals

submitted by /u/EitherLie3619 [link] [comments] [...]

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Cardano Daily Discussion - July 07, 2022

Hello everyone, Welcome to the Cardano Daily Discussion! The standard sub rules apply here (see sidebar), with the exception that price discussion is allowed in this thread, though we encourage… [...]

- /u/artanoio
Let's speed up the adoption of Cardano by making it easier for creatives to collaborate. Artano needs your help!

Hello Cardanians! It's Mateja, cofounder of Artano, the 1/1 marketplace on Cardano. Long time no see (or write I suppose). I wanted to reach out as we started creating multiple… [...]

- /u/Shiferiz
The Cardano way - Aada Finance open sources their code

submitted by /u/Shiferiz [link] [comments] [...]

- /u/kubecoin

KubeCoin will officially launch on the Huobi exchange on July 11th, 2022 after successfully completing the ICO. As we aim to revolutionize the travel and leisure industries, we will introduce… [...]

- /u/ogcrypto6969420

Pleasureland: The Adult MetaVerse! Metaverse NFT Pink Doll assets on sale now. Pink dolls, our sexy interactable NPCs in Pleasureland. Interact in several adult things. 😜 Next are the Pleasure… [...]

- /u/ogcrypto6969420

When the markets turn around, Pleasure Coin will lead the pack amongst all others. They're BUILDING real products for the world to use while others make empty promises Pleasurely YouTube… [...]

- /u/AutoModerator

Welcome to the r/CryptoMarkets Weekly Discussion thread. The thread guidelines are as follows: The thread guidelines are as follows: Discussion topics include, but are not limited to, events of the… [...]

- /u/grengrijok
ShareRing, a Digital Identity Blockchain Ecosystem, to Enhance Privacy, Security for Web3 Consumers

submitted by /u/grengrijok [link] [comments] [...]

- /u/Glass_Pace_2200
'The Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort Optimistic on Bitcoin Pullback

submitted by /u/Glass_Pace_2200 [link] [comments] [...]

- /u/Blueberry314E-2

Welcome to the new r/defi weekly discussion thread! If you have any great ideas, please feel free to share them here. Newbie questions are welcomed! Be kind to each other.… [...]

- /u/Oddsnotinyourfavor

Probably gonna get removed as a mod for this but I just couldn’t take the lack of action anymore and I want a place where real DeFi enthusiasts can talk… [...]

- /u/Bailexs

Is it realistic to decentralize by allowing everyone to become miners? I learned about this blockchain called Minima that aims to make hosting nodes/mining on mobile devices more convenient. According… [...]

- /u/RedEagle_MGN
Introduction to the Metaverse

⚠️WARNING:⚠️ This space has been engulfed in social scams! As a rule of thumb, if you plan to resell your NFT or coin at a profit, you are likely being… [...]

- /u/RedEagle_MGN

My story I see a lot of people making some really bad decisions when it comes to investing in the metaverse and I thought I would share a little bit… [...]

- /u/moneybuddiespodcast

Hi All, I recently interviewed the Chairman of REA Group, which is an ASX listed real estate software company based in Australia. During our chat, the Chairman, Hamish McLennan, shared… [...]

- /u/davidvanbeveren

Welcome to r/CryptoTechnology! 👋 This subreddit is for serious & technical discussion of cryptocurrency & blockchain technology. Note that we do not allow images or links, r/CryptoTechnology is a text-only… [...]

- /u/ramadeus75

I sent USDC to my friend's wallet at Binance. He was supposed to buy BTC but I don't think he did. Is there a way to follow the path of… [...]

- /u/-Chatsky-

Context: I am interviewing for a product role in crypto trading and would like to make sure I have a solid overview of all the main crypto technology (e.g. DeFi… [...]

- /u/little-eagle

Hey gang, This is our regular update where we drop the latest news on different aspects of SatoshiSwap - development, marketing, milestones, stuff happening in the pipeline and more. Please… [...]

- /u/Salt-Shop
Playing it louder: Companies bring music licensing to the blockchain

submitted by /u/Salt-Shop [link] [comments] [...]

- /u/Salt-Shop
Bitcoin price holds $20K, but analysts say ‘expect 6 months of sideways’ price action

submitted by /u/Salt-Shop [link] [comments] [...]