A new account abstraction proposal! This time without requiring any ethereum consensus-layer protocol changes.

Work by @kristofgazso, @yoavw, Dror Tirosh, Namra Patel, @tkstanczak, myself and others.

Advice to Nocoiners:

* Your rejection of #Bitcoin is likely emotional
* Swallow your pride and look at Bitcoin and money more broadly
* You are getting screwed over by inflation and the lack of financial privacy
* Understand Bitcoin is very different than altcoins
This idea of how programming will evolve is really powerful, and I think will play out over the coming decades. https://t.co/D1ow6skmdc Great articulation from @karpathy

Humans are really not good at multi-variate problems past a certain threshold....
. @apenftorg have added #NFT airdrop to #WIN hodlers @WinkLink_Oracle! Huge congrats! #NFT and #WIN gamefi team join hand in hand together! We have another big announcement coming please make a guess ❤️
Thank you for coming to the #Binance meetup today. Was great to see you all, after so long. 🙏
$100 billion goes into oil… more oil is produced

$100 billion goes into gold… more gold is produced

$100 billion goes into bitcoin… same amount of bitcoin is produced
One of the most important arguments for why the United States should embrace Bitcoin appeared in the National Affairs' fall edition.

Here is a breakdown of the argument 👇🏼

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