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- Cointelegraph By Arijit Sarkar

One of the quickest ways to ensure crypto’s mainstream adoption is by working with the regulators, which includes implementing effective and investor-centric KYC and AML tools.

- Cointelegraph By William Suberg

A casual dash over the $25,000 mark is fully retraced as weekend trading produces some classic volatility.

- Cointelegraph By Arijit Sarkar

While many community members came in support of the prominent coder, Gabagool owned up to the allegations made against him following Velodrome’s investigation.

- George Kaloudis
Ethereum is moving from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake soon. In this guide, we first defend PoW (in the context of Bitcoin); second, defend PoS (in the context of Ethereum); and third, outline (some of) the trade-offs.
- Frederick Munawa
The upgrade to Monero's protocol, a collaborative effort involving 71 developers, has been successfully implemented.
- Michael Bellusci
Options trading volume has risen on crypto exchanges, and even miners are using options strategies to muddle through the current, uncertain environment.
- Zeynep Geylan

Exchange balance refers to the amount of Bitcoin sitting on exchanges, and it was following a downtrend since January 2022 for both Coinbase and Binance when suddenly Binance’s exchange balance took a turn and started to spike in May.

The post Binance holds the most amount of Bitcoin on exchanges after roles have reversed with Coinbase appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Liam 'Akiba' Wright

CryptoSlate spoke exclusively with a member of the Tornado Cash team who has been granted anonymity for their own protection and will be referred to as “TC Member” for the sake of this article.

The post Tornado Cash DAO shuts down as it “can’t fight the US” and keep contributors safe appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Liam 'Akiba' Wright

Several decentralized applications on the Ethereum network have implemented code changes to revoke access from “sanctioned” addresses.

The post DeFi protocols Aave, Uniswap, Balancer, ban users following OFAC sanctions on Tornado Cash appeared first on CryptoSlate.

- Newton Gitonga
North Korea's Stolen Crypto Stash Suffers Huge Beat-Down Following Bitcoin's Crash To $18,000Staunch Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff has called on crypto hodlers to dump their BTC holdings before it’s too late.
- Guest Author
Web3 Platform FrontFanz Welcomes Over 100 More Creators To Their PlatformPolygon-based Web3 startup FrontFanz has secured a new wave of content creators for its platform, the firm announced via a recent press release. Front Fanz is a Web3 content subscription platform that deploys a censorship-resistant model where content creators can create content, engage fans, and grow their brand without fear of demonetization. The platform unveiled […]
- Newton Gitonga
Bitcoin rebounds after humongous sell scare that compromised $9K support, where next for BTC bulls?Despite suffering a severe sell-off in the face of uncertainties in the macro landscape, Bitcoin’s ebbing tide seems to be subsiding, with key metrics suggesting the cryptocurrency is poised to come ahead. In its latest monthly report, Ark Invest, a Florida-based investment management firm, has pointed out the 200 weekly moving average, a key indicator […]
- Nicholas Say

GTON Capital is moving the blockchain industry forward with solutions for the Web3 era. The world of crypto is new, and the most popular blockchains, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum simply aren’t the right fit for global transactional currencies. Cryptocurrencies are more popular than ever, even with the mild crypto winter. There are many reasons why [...]

The post GTON Capital: Ethereum Scaling, Multi-Collateralized Stable Coin & More appeared first on Blockonomi.

- Nicholas Say

No more delays, only updates – Ethereum’s Merge is getting closer than ever. Goerli, Ethereum’s major testnet, has finally completed its move to a Proof-of-Stake. The deployment went smoothly and was carried out from Wednesday night through Thursday, August 12. This event marks an important step in the transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. The countdown [...]

The post ETH Price Up As Merge Successfully Executed on Goerli Testnet appeared first on Blockonomi.

- Oliver Dale
XM Review

XM is an online broker and trading website that allows clients to trade a range of assets. Founded in 2009, XM group provides traders with the full MetaTrader platform suite by MetaQuotes Software Corporation. XM Group has evolved into an online multi-asset broker offering 57 currency pairs and 1000 CFDs. Five CFDs on cryptocurrencies are [...]

The post Beginner’s Guide to XM Broker: Complete Review appeared first on Blockonomi.

- CryptoVizArt
After getting rejected from the $24K sentimental resistance area three times, the Bitcoin price finally broke the threshold, forming higher highs and lows on the daily chart. Can buyers expect to see the $27K level reached next? Technical Analysis By Shayan The Daily Chart The weekly candle is closing tonight (Sunday’s midnight UTC), and if […]
- Dimitar Dzhondzhorov
Three-quarters of financial institutions will jump into the crypto universe in the next three years if the sector functions under a comprehensive regulatory framework, Ripple's study concluded.
- Dimitar Dzhondzhorov
Attacks on Ronin Bridge, Harmony, and Nomad, among others, have resulted in losses of $1.4 billion worth of cryptocurrencies.
- Mathew Di Salvo
The price of the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap finally resurfaced above the $25,000 mark—then quickly sank back.
- Tim Hakki
Leading coins rose in anticipation of the Ethereum merge. But there are still signs of ongoing liquidity problems in the industry.
- Liam J. Kelly
Since Monday's crackdown on Torndao Cash, the DeFi sector is faced with a choice: remain proudly non-compliant or bend the knee.
- Imran
Accelerator Program For Dapps Creation on its AI Layer 1 Ecosystem Announced by OraichainThe “Oraichain for DApps Accelerator Program” was recently introduced by Oraichain, the first global AI Layer 1 for Data Economy
- Nayazunissa
DeFi Protocol Acala Network Hacked of 1.2B Stablecoin AUSDThe Polkadot parachain Acala implements the Horizon cross-chain stablecoin protocol. The attackers’ excessive minting of aUSD stablecoin caused its value
- Imran
BlueBenx Reportedly Stops Withdrawals Amid $32M ExploitThe bulk of employees were supposedly let go following the exploit. Numerous crypto platforms have claimed similar circumstances in the
- Null Transaction PR

The First edition will be held in Berlin, Germany, from 23-24 November 2022, with more than 5000 attendees. 4 months from now, the Berlin Station will be the most important place on the European blockchain map, linking together the most important names from the blockchain industry. “We are bringing founders, investors, and blockchain experts together […]

The post Next Block Expo Is Aiming to Become the Biggest Blockchain Festival in Europe appeared first on NullTX.

- Paul Brabus

Metaverse crypto coins remain some of the most popular niche cryptocurrencies on the market. There are dozens of Metaverse and NFT projects available, and despite the eight-month-long bear market, these projects continue to build their ecosystems and innovate. Today we look at NullTX’s pick of the top three Metaverse crypto coins with a unit price […]

The post Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $0.001 to Watch in August 2022 appeared first on NullTX.

- Mark Arguinbaev

Ethereum price continues to outperform Bitcoin daily, rising by over 15% this week and today, overtaking Bitcoin’s 50% market capitalization. After testing support on Friday, Bitcoin and Ethereum continue their bull run breaking monthly highs. BTC dominance continues to drop, with some of the lowest levels seen since January 2022. Crypto Market Update Ethereum’s Market […]

The post Ethereum Price Rises Past $1.9K, Surpasses Half of Bitcoin’s Market Cap appeared first on NullTX.

- Sarah
In a new development, LongHash Ventures will launch a $100 million investment fund for the decentralized Web3. With more innovative products, projects, and applications, the crypto space is growing in leaps and bounds. Furthermore, blockchain technology has created more opportunities for extraordinary accomplishments in the industry and other sectors. Yet more advancements and developments are […]
- Jet Encila
Blockchain technology is one of the trendiest developments in business, finance, and numerous other industries. Following the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies, their entry to the public has produced new investment strategies and opportunities. There has been a surge in the number of people who have found employment in this burgeoning technological sector as a result […]
- anushsamal
India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) froze assets amounting to $46 Million belonging to Vauld which is a cryptocurrency exchange. In Vauld’s press release, the company stated that it disagreed with the claims made by ED on Vauld’s KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures. These assets seized by the ED were found stored in […]

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CNFT Calendar | A Crypto Fireside Review

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The update will affect block 2,688,888. Technically, such an update is a hard fork that requires software updates from all Monero participants. The update was released on July 13 (v0.18… [...]

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Number of 'Whale Addresses' with more than 10K #Bitcoin is going up... just buy and hodl...

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Getting Started Guide - A newbies guide to Cardano and the Cardano subreddit

Welcome! A warm welcome from the Cardano community. If you're new to crypto or Cardano, you're in the right place! This post will kick start your learning and help you… [...]

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Cardano Daily Discussion - August 14, 2022

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An update from the team at AnetaBTC on their protocol will bring wrapped BTC to the Cardano blockchain.

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BBFT is BUSD Buffet passive income auto rewards token

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A token pre-sale could be considered beneficial for both investors and the development team and we all know on a Pre-sale, investors have the potential to acquire an altcoin that… [...]

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This proposal outlines a re-introduction for incentives to liquidity providers of the $UBI token. UBI liquidity mining rewards ended in March 2022. This proposal to reinstate rewards, via xToken Terminal,… [...]

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CFTC Charges Ohio Man for Running $12 Mn Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

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Huobi Global Co-founder Reportedly Planning To Sell 60% Stake

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Welcome to the new r/defi weekly discussion thread! If you have any great ideas, please feel free to share them here. Newbie questions are welcomed! Be kind to each other.… [...]

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DeFi 🏦 Product overview of Mycelium perpetual swaps How $LUSD reacts to peg fluctuations Breakdown spiritswap v2 GMX Breakdown of 7 Real Yield Protocols Bancor Analytics Dashboard Upcoming Mango v4… [...]

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Introduction to the Metaverse

⚠️WARNING:⚠️ This space has been engulfed in social scams! As a rule of thumb, if you plan to resell your NFT or coin at a profit, you are likely being… [...]

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Share your project and find others who can help -- Team up Tuesday

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Full deformation tracking capabilities in action

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Welcome to r/CryptoTechnology! 👋 This subreddit is for serious & technical discussion of cryptocurrency & blockchain technology. Note that we do not allow images or links, r/CryptoTechnology is a text-only… [...]

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Hi there! We're looking for new moderators to join our team! Preferably with previous mod experience and those active in this community - if you're interested, shoot your shot to… [...]

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I am thinking of getting a hardware wallet. I have read that getting it from the source (Ledger or Trezor) is the best way to go about and to avoid… [...]

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Hey gang, This is our regular update where we drop the latest news on different aspects of SatoshiSwap - development, marketing, milestones, stuff happening in the pipeline and more. Release… [...]

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It's not even a meme anymore

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Philcoin Rolls Out Staking Program for Donating Charity

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